Specializing in Cruising, a bit of Downhill. Mainly cruising the block riding with my little ones.


  • AKA: KnottyMetalHead
  • Age: 39
  • myRide: Loaded Vanguard deck, Paris v3 180mm 50° trucks, 85mm Orangatang Cuguma wheels, Zealous ceramic bearings.
  • myRidePlaylist: Ax7, Whitechapel, Shadows Fall, Lamb Of God

Product Reviews:

I'm so fast now...
Posted on 2020-07-16 Verified Purchase
Stickers == Speed....everyone knows that....throw a MuirSkate sticker and you get 3x the speed....but wait... there's more....add 2 and your hair will grow back..bigger..stronger...faster...than before. Really though...my favorite part of the skateboard/longboard family is our love for all things stickers. Can't have a bad day when you got some bad ass stickers for your board from MuirSkate...don't take my word for it....try it now today!! ****results may vary.
Loves it....
Posted on 2020-07-16 Verified Purchase
This was a great addition to my little collection of skate related tools. As a man with tools a plenty, I am selective of the tools I buy. This one should be a part of anyone's tool collection. Sturdy, lightweight, wonderful bright color. Overall...a well done tool. I do wish however the 3/8 was either deeper or hollowed out for longer deck hardware...but hey I could always get shorter ones as well.
Posted on 2020-07-16 Verified Purchase
While not a bad product, just to me, I would prefer a different product. Packaging is cool, the pen top style cap makes stashing it in my pocket a lot easier. Spray bottle applicator is cool, but after a few pumps over half the bottle was gone. I'd buy it again if I had too
Perfect intro into Ceramic
Posted on 2020-06-26 Verified Purchase
Great introduction into riding on ceramic bearings. Priced right and inline with steel bearing sets. These have been an absolute dream to ride on. Smooth and quiet ride. Takes less pushing to travel the same distance vs steel bearings, which saves energy (us old folks wear out quicker). I did not find them to be over greased as many other reviews I read mentioned, nor did I have any issues with fit (honestly though, I read all the details and sh#$ from both the bearings and wheels perspective to be certain). Popped right in to my 85mm Caguma's and I couldn't be happier.
Hot damn
Posted on 2020-06-26 Verified Purchase
The description of these wheels is spot on, and damn funny. Just getting back into riding and while I love my ABEC 11 76mm Gumballs, I wanted to freshen my setup. Then I saw these. Paired em up with some Zealous Ceramic bearing, Paris V3 trucks, and purple Orangutan Nipples and these bad boys have been eating up some pavement like a wild beast while remaining solid and smooth like a classy gentleman sipping Scotch. I dont do much in the way of slides or hit any really aggressive hills (cause central Texas is all too hilly), but I can feel them wanting to as I am riding. And not in a bad out-of-control way, but in a lets do this kind of way.
Game changer
Posted on 2020-06-26 Verified Purchase
I am just getting back to riding my board and thought to myself...I have a bank account, I am grown, lets get new stuff for my board. After reading some reviews, reading what Loaded recommends, and seeing this damn hot color, I was sold. Holy Sh#$...these are awesome. Sit perfectly on my Loaded Vanguard, and paired with purple Orangutan Nipples bushings, my mild mannered around the block board has been turned into a hill hunting, carving seeking thrill ride. Could not be happier with them...11 out of 10.