Longboard Buying Guide: Cruising & Carving

Cruising & Carving

If you want to ride your longboard to class, to the mall, or to the burger joint with some friends, a cruising board is what you need. There are many options, so read below to see what's right for you.

Choosing Your Cruising Bearings

Bearings have come a long way from the days when clay wheels were king. Standardized skateboard bearings let the wheels spin freely without being affected too heavily by unnecessary friction. As long as you keep your bearings free of water, dirt, and poor conditions you shouldn’t need to worry about replacing them, although most longboard aficionados will have spare bearings lying around just in case they need to make an emergency replacement.

Covered in this Section (in order of importance)


Don’t break your piggy bank unless you have to!


Abec rated bearings aren’t always better than non-abec rated bearings

1. Choosing the Right Bearings for Your Budget

When cruising on a budget, you don’t need to go crazy over the bearings you choose. In fact, you might be better off spending your extra cash on upgraded wheels or trucks. Although bearings are a big part of your ride, unless you’re racing or trying to break the world speed record, a basic bearing will do just fine. Here are a few of our favorite bearing options that won’t break the bank.


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Zealous: Longboard Skateboard Bearings
Bones: Reds Longboard Skateboard Bearings

2.  Choosing the Right Bearings for Durability

If you’re the type to give products a run for their money (or your money depending on how you look at it) chances are you’re going to be in the market for a more durable bearing. Or if you’re just looking for the more longevity, take a look at the following bearings.


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Zealous: Ceramic Longboard Skateboard Bearings
Bones: Swiss Precision Bearings
Bear: Spaceballs 8mm Ceramic Bearings