Longboard Buying Guide: Freeride


Freeride longboarding as we know it is a relatively new discipline in the world of skateboarding.

Choosing Your Freeride Trucks

Covered in this Section (in order of importance)

Choosing Truck Design

Grab some Reverse Kingpin Trucks with a 50° Baseplate

Choosing Truck Width

Trucks for freeriding purposes tend to be sized at 180mm (10” from tip to tip)

1. Choosing Truck Design

Being that the trucks are the part of your board that actually make it a longboard and not just a good lookin’ plank of wood or bamboo, they’re pretty important! Luckily for us, skateboarding and longboarding as a discipline have been around for long enough to have some very functional designs. While most trucks feature a bushings suspension and turning system, some have springs, and other “progressive” elements to provide turning capabilities. We prefer the bushing style because the design is simple and they have stood the test of time.

Get Reverse Kingpin Trucks

Whether you've decided on a drop-through or drop-platform deck, the ideal style of truck for getting in to the freeride discipline is going to be what many refer to as a "longboarding truck" — a reverse kingpin truck like Randal, Paris, or Bear.


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Paris: 180mm x 50° V3 Longboard Skateboard Truck
Bear: 180mm x 50° Gen 6 Longboard Truck
Caliber III: 184mm x 50º Raked Delinquent Series Longboard Skateboard Truck

Baseplate Angle

For freeriding, some riders prefer to have a truck with a lower baseplate angle (40-45°) for stability, while others like the aggressive turn they feel from a baseplate with a higher baseplate angle (50-52°). The Muir crew prefers trucks in this higher range (50-52°) to give us the most power in forcing the wheels to break traction and initiate a slide.

Additional Info

What about "normal" skateboard trucks? Do you mean traditional kingpin trucks like Independent and the Surf Rodz INDeeSZ? Sure! If they're wide enough and the mounting holes match up correctly, they can be very fun. We'll consider these to be a more advanced choice for freeride trucks, so stick to the reverse kingpins that we've mentioned before.

2. Choosing Truck Width

The width of the truck should be as close to the width of the deck as possible to ensure proper performance. Look for a truck listed as 10" or 180mm (plus or minus a few millimeters will not drastically affect the performance so don’t worry about it).