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She relaxed after I put this on
Posted on 2018-09-10 Verified Purchase
So where were we, RIGHT, so I pinned two trucks hard onto her board with my 2 inch panhead hardware. Quite a lot of time had passed, Id say about a minute, and BOOM I realised I forgot something to help with shock absorbtion, nay, I was prepared, with feverish pace I unpacked a pair of these riser pads and my trucks were back on her board, everyone observing us in the malls parking lot could relax now because we all knew that the rough pavement ahead wouldnt be hindered by any unexpected vibrations.
Who cares what she thought
Posted on 2018-09-10 Verified Purchase
My ex girlfriend told me that 2 inches wasnt enough, but when I pinned two trucks to her board she politely reconsidered. Until she realised I was riding without shock absorption! (For the rest of this story, check out the .25" soft riser pads review)
Sickest trick board ever
Posted on 2018-09-10
If youre a big&tall or just a tall and looking to do park/street style, this board is for you. If youre most concerned with tight and fast execution look towards the hooch because its just a little bit faster/lighter at being flipped, but if youre wanting to do a little bit of dancing, a little more control on your manuals and perhaps a nose grind here or there, look no farther than this or its counterpart the Moonshine Hooch. Now, I havent been able to ride this board to do tricks, but I will tell you from my past experience riding park boards and from watching my friends use this board to pull of insane street and flat land with it, that its a winner. For me, I like it for those times when I bite off more than I can currently chew and loose the board to a curb, it simply bounces back bc of those thick urethane bumpers. And if youre wondering, no they dont buldge out, they are seemless with the board itself, if you touched this board without using eyesight, you wouldnt be able to tell that its not only fiberglass, but also protected from impacts better than groupie who decided to stay home with grandma that night.
Posted on 2017-09-02 Verified Purchase
This is a copy of my review for the .13" riser pads that I also purchased because Muirskate actually REMEMBERED me as a customer, they remembered my preferences and seem to even remember that I collect boards. I ordered these and When I hit submit to buy these I ordered 2x but then I was worried that perhaps I want them on both sides (These and .13" below deck) because the actual primary weight and forces on the deck occur underneath the deck. Well, without giving away too much Im just going to say that the folks at Muirskate are very very versed in what they do, they are experts and speaking with them is very easy. And even if you hang up and think you forgot to tell them something, they will take care of EVERYTHING. They are experts at setting up a good deck and they will never let you down. Muirskate never let me down and I learned so much from telephone conversations and emailing them that the knowledge itself is worth supporting these guys and these guys alone. I NEVER shop corporate anymore, not since my very first order with Muirskate.
Light AND strong...Carving Perfection
Posted on 2017-03-17 Verified Purchase
These Kodiaks are quite THE UPGRADE to my prior favorite trucks. In the past I've tried Atlas, Gullwing, Paris, Generic brands, and Bear trucks and I settled on the grizzlys for my first board. I knew I might need stronger trucks down the line(I like to be prepared) and so I got these. They are EXTREMELY tough but designed very well in terms material placement. I expect that these will NEVER fail and standing on them is like the first time you ever skated a nice board; You know, that nieve feeling that better trucks just dont exist, but then you eventually learn that better trucks DO exist, and then you get these, and all over again you just dont think that a better set of trucks could ever be conceived. On these trucks when I lean they lean with me, in unison, then when I want straight, they "snap" right back to straight. I think thats due to the cambered bushing seats. Really when you think of it, its simple kinetic physics. As you lean over an edge more of your weight needs to be held back and thats what the bushing seat provides. Perfectly crafted and honestly, I'd rather have these long lasting trucks than cast trucks that may in the end bend under heavier riders. I still love having Grizzlys(5th gen) on my first board and the Paris v2 werent bad feeling at all when I stood on them in the shop, but when you're ready to future proof your rig and be set for life, get these.