73mm Cuei Free Killers Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Durometer: 75a, 77a, 80a
  • Width: 60.87mm
  • Contact Patch: 51.53mm
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground
  • Diameter: 73mm
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$87.90 USD
1 Quantity = 4 Wheels, enough for a complete longboard.

The Free Killers from Cuei Wheels come to you in 3 very different options. Before we go into depth about each wheels charachteristics, we will explain the shape and its purpose. The Free Killer was inspired by todays freeride. The freeride of today is going as fast as you can while getting around tight turns without putting a hand on the ground. With this in mind, Cuei designed it's fast freeride shape. With super rounded lips, you will have a smooth slide initiation and hook up, and keep the slide smooth all the way down to the core. The least resilient and most shreddy wheel is the 80a Flowthane Free Killer. This wheel is ultra consistent which is super important for throwing fast stand up slides; you know what you are going to get every time you slide. Moving into the Powerthane Free Killers, the harder duro meter choice is the 77a Free Killer in Green. These wheels will outlast any other freeride wheel, so they will be on your board, and we assure you that you won't want to take them off either! The softer option in Powerthane is the 75a white Powerthane. These wheels are a great center ground between the 77a powerthane and the 80a Flowthane. They have the consistency of the Flowthane and the speed and durability of the Powerthane.

Cuei Wheels's Description

Cuei Free Killers:
The Free Killers have come to innovate the concept of “Free-Speed”, in other words, fast freeride. These wheels are perfect for your everyday riding down your local hills, you won’t be afraid to bomb down your local run and have to throw a drift when necessary because these will provide total freedom to kick out slides at any time with extreme control and ease while giving you enough grip to take corners fast and get through them safely. They come in 73mm tall and a 51mm contact patch shape, with extremely rounded edges and a stone-ground finish which makes them ready for the smoothest slides right out of the package!!Available in the 75a and 77a on the PowerThane formula, which has more grip through turns and higher durability and in 80a FlowThane, which has a smoother slide and softer feel, with a sugary, more in the pavement feel.The great differential of this wheel is it’s durability. Unlike other wheels in this style, which are generally smaller and thinner, the Free Killers came to outlast countless sessions, so don’t be afraid to throw that giant slide that could end up destroying your wheel. Because these are made to last and blast!! Try them now, the Free Killers will take your freeriding to the next level with ease and precision!!!


Confidence booster for speed
on 2021-07-31 Verified Purchase
Wide contact patch gives me hella confidence to lean forward going faster than I’ve been riding before. Woooooooooah~~~~~
on 2021-03-01 Verified Purchase
These wheels are epic, its a shame you gotta get the wheel spacers tho, price is a little nuts for those
on 2018-11-30
Great for fast Apex drifts, I'm personally on 75a and they offer that grip we all need with the rounded lips to break free alittle easier than the killers. Not to mention they thane rather thick yet seem to never get much smaller
Love Muirskate!
on 2018-10-15 Verified Purchase
I haven't had a chance to ride these yet, I'm working on a new setup but I received my order just fine. :-)