70mm Remember Savannah Slamma Longboard Skateboard Wheel

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  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Width: 51mm
  • Contact Patch: 47.5mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Lip Profile: Square
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth
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$33.95 USD
1 Quantity = 4 Wheels, enough for a complete longboard.

Remember has hit it on the head again with these longboard wheel, the 70mm Savannah Slamma. Not only are these wheels fast, but they have a smooth and controlled slide when free-riding and shedding speed before tight corners. It would be hard to call this wheel just a downhill or free-riding wheel as this wheel can do it all; cruise, carve, slide, race, you name it! Grab a set of these longboard wheels if you are looking for a great wheel for your everyday board.

Remember's Description

The Savannah Slamma is the wheel of choice for those who like to go fast, but get sideways frequently and with ease!  Measuring at 70mm tall with a width of 51mm and 48mm contact patch with the offset core, they come with the skin intact so you can use them to grip some before they turn into an amazing all-around freeride wheel.  The 78a durometer offers a great smooth sliding experience you'll be sure to remember!


Remember thane is dank
on 2020-07-11 Verified Purchase
Skate like nothing else love em
Remember collective has yet to disappoint
on 2018-02-28 Verified Purchase
I got the 80a and if I can say anything about these wheels that separates them from the rest of downhill/freeride wheels, it's not only the great role speed for downhill, but at hi speeds they drift at such a low degree so smoothly it's amazing!
2 nice
on 2017-09-24 Verified Purchase
You can literally use these wheels for everything, freeride, downhill even cruising. Overall for the money I don't think these wheels can be beat.
Normal capture  2017 01 19 12 37 58
Holy sh*t!
on 2017-03-29 Verified Purchase
I swear too god when you break these wheels in theyre GODLY! Not only do they feel like hoots nor mostly for downhill when you wanna slide youll slide which ever way you! The only problem i had with these were at first they wouldnt slide too easly like hoots. But when you broke them in, youll be like a god. In shortness of this wheel, just buy them also they dont wear too much so have fun
Normal image
on 2017-03-08
Best fast free ride wheel ever , remembers name really holds to the truth. They have a good roll speed , super buttery slide with effortless lean like kick out and no matter how fast you find your self going you can't slip out or hold 90, plus highsiding is never a thing. These wheels hold up to weather well being super fun and slidible I'm both warm and cold weather even down to 20 degrees f. Depending on temp and weight they do thane I weigh 140 pound and stand at 6'2 and they thane similar to a cult chronical. I've rocked these on a bright side , barfight, rennagade , g Mack and a spud and they seemed great on all of them . Due to there side set nature they do cone but they wear very evenly but wear super slow taking all summer to core them and for the price could not get a better wheel. These are a great wheel and I'd really recommend them for almost any riding style , if you get a set I hope you enjoy them like I did -Jared
Normal img 20160610 000839
The best dh/freeride wheel ever!!!!
on 2016-04-15 Verified Purchase
This is my new favorite freeride wheel. Definitely check them out! :)
Favorite Remember Wheel
on 2015-12-06
Extremely long-lasting freeride wheels, not recommended for anyone going faster than 40 mph. They slide well when fresh and feel similar to hoots but with a more defined kickout/hookup.
Best Remeber wheel
on 2015-08-04 Verified Purchase
The slide initiation is very easy, but you can still grip on them. This is my new favorite fast freeride wheel.