65mm Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Series Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 65mm
  • Width: 43.25mm
  • Contact Patch: 31mm
  • Durometer: 80a, 82a, 84a
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth
  • Color: White
  • To Sum It Up: More ideal for Freeriding than its bigger brother, starts life in the "sweet spot" for constant performance out of the plastic to the core.
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$62.45 USD
1 Quantity = 4 Wheels, enough for a complete longboard.

The Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Series wheels are sick! This 65mm version should be your go to wheel for slide jams, it has an extremely consistent freeride wheel that will last all the way to the core. It has a very "sugary" slide and give you huge thane lines, even for the little guys. It even has a small supportive core to keep the wheels even and from icing out.

Blood Orange's Description

Liam Morgan Pro Series - High Performance Slide Wheels -

The Look & Formula

Straight from the brain of team rider Liam Morgan, one of the top freeride skaters in the world, we bring you 3 new shapes, with one bitchin' new look...

In designing the LMF "Liam Morgan formula," Liam was looking for 3 things:

1. A Sugary Slide

- Nobody wants an icy wheel, nor do they want a grippy freeride wheel that chatters and bounces. This formula is all about the smooth, consistent and predictable (otherwise known as) "sugary slide".

2. Long Thick Thane Lines

- The urethane needed to paint long, thick, white thane lines on the pavement. Pros and groms alike, love to see thane lines and track their progression. This thane doesn't disappoint.

3. Wheels to Cover Every Occasion

- Liam's an all around skater, and he wanted wheels for everything he does, without sacrificing either of the first two requirements.

Inside every wheel in the lineup is a big, wide "saddle core" which provides extra support to keep the wheel stable while sliding... giving you a longer more predictable slide.


Blood Orange are pro
on 2021-04-30 Verified Purchase
These Blood Orange wheels are smooth and soft. They make for a nice, comfortable ride. They roll over small sticks, rocks, and cracks really well. You just keep skating. The softness is just right for dancing and freestyle.
on 2021-01-19 Verified Purchase
Just the right size and beautiful to boot. They ride so nice
on 2020-08-06 Verified Purchase
The Morgan pro series is a clean set! love them!
on 2016-12-27 Verified Purchase
Great service and fast delivery
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84a = FUN
on 2016-10-06
I got a set of these from a friend of mine and have been ripping on them for a couple of weeks now and here's what I think: 1. They definitely are a bit more in the pavement than what I normally ride (Hoots, Thoughts, etc) 2. With that being said they don't kill as much speed as I would expect, and they still kinda glide over the pavement 3. Once these are fully broken in, they do not put up a fight when initiating a slide 4. THANE 5. Mid-slide control is very forgiving IMO Conclusion, They are a really solid wheel for just having some fun, even at lower speeds (under 25-30) they are still a great deal of fun, especially on a hot day. One of the only downsides that I have noticed is that the trade off for dumping thane is a short life for the wheels. Even with that being said, I'm still coming back for more.
Great wheels
on 2016-06-30 Verified Purchase
Fantastic wheels, leaves rad thane lines
82a are sweet
on 2016-02-15 Verified Purchase
First off, these wheels do dump thane and do seem to die fast, but its not as fast as people say they do. The only reason the wheels die so fast is from the massive core that they have. when i saw them they looked like a mini zombie hawg. Big core less wheel. But after breaking the wheel in and my first session on the wheel(about 2 hours) i was almost through the rounded edge. That's like 3 mm. So the wheel does not wear down fast, its the large amazing core. But now the positives, everything else!!!! Go fast on this wheel, you will not regret it. No ice, all sugar. The kick out is grippey, but in a good way. During the slide it reminds me alot of a Cadillac Swinger 78a, not that it is icy, but it does slide far and until you bring the wheels past 45 they don't slow you down a lot. they did not flat spot and i was definitely holding them out far enough for them too. but it was still not too far. The hook up is very buttery. when i was first going fast i had a few high sides, but ones i got confident and used to them i was right on with these wheels. these are really go for a technical hill. i love them and will always be picking a set or two up when i get my wheels. Get them Love them Core them
Normal heelside
on 2016-02-05
The green 80a wheels where a bit grippy but after some time they magically became amazing and felt very sugary. I would recommend these to anyone. Very solid wheel.
Best Downhill / Freeride Wheels (if you're OK with the wear)
on 2015-09-17 Verified Purchase
These are the best universal wheels I found so far. They feel super sugary, leaving lots of thane on the street. I'm amazed by the consistency down to the core - you can definitely ride them all the way down to the core, even as a beginner (like me). I'm weighing about 175 pounds, I can direct the blue 84a easily into any direction across the street and around corners. I skate much safer since I have these, much more control and easier to stop without high siding. Comfortable peed suddenly increased from 15 to 35mph, a huge jump for me, still able to stop fast and controlled. The green core 80a I use for rougher streets or faster corners: they have great grip and I can very controlled re-establish direction after pre-slides into the apex and maintain speed. On tar surfaces they're a bit too grippy, the blue 84a are my choice then. That's the nice thing about these: you get consistent performance between different hardness levels as well as throughout its wear; it's a perfect wheel to learn speed-checks and pre-drifts because of that. If you do a lot of speed-checks they do wear down. Fast. But I like the feel they become part with the road. They come round-lipped which feels super buttery and controlled even for fresh wheels. When they wear down and diameter becomes smaller it slowly becomes a square lip: at that time the wear also makes the lip thinner and it will start flexing more, so you get the same grip despite smaller diameter - so don't worry about high siding when going across groves, street reflectors, tar snakes, asphalt joints: the lip will definitely flex and you'll slide over before it would flip you over...
Very nice wheel
on 2015-08-27
It is a great wheel for faster freerides a bit grippy at slow speeds leaves very thick thane lines if you like to go hard on slides it has a nice creamy feel to the slide the downsides are they flat easy and don't last too long
Normal imag1737
84a morgan pro model
on 2015-08-25
Once you first get these wheels they are a bit grippy but once you wear through the skin they become amazingly controllable and slidy and at higher speeds they are very smooth and creamy and they leave very thick thane lines but they do flat spot sorta easily but that's only if you do long 90° slides