186mm Rogue Black/Black Cast Longboard Trucks

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  • Width: 186mm
  • Baseplate Angle: 48°
  • Geometry: Reverse
  • Construction: Cast
  • Hole Pattern: 8-Hole
  • Rake: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Bushing Shape: Tall Barrels
  • Bushing Durometer: Black
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$32.50 USD

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Zak Maytum is the owner of Venom Bushings, Venom Wheels, has been racing (and winning) for longer than you, and knows what makes a good product.

The wait is finally over, Rogue Cast Trucks are here!

Its 186mm hanger and 48° baseplate give you a happy medium between stability and turn, while the combination of tall barrels and an insert bushing give you a smooth and consistent lean.

If you want epic trucks that are beefy, lively, and feel like precisions, check these puppies out!

The key points of this truck:

Width: 186mm
-Rake: 2mm
-Baseplate angle: 48 degrees
-Features unique insert bushing designed to significantly reduce unwanted motion from the hanger
-Using an insert bushing instead of a bushing seat means less restricted turn and much more effective use of the bushings
-All Rogue trucks use tall bushings allowing for increased turn depth, smoother response, and extra stability.
-Cast trucks are fully compatible with all Billet components.

Rogue's Description

-Width: 186mm
-Rake: 2mm
-Baseplate angle: 48 degrees
-Features unique insert bushing designed to significantly reduce unwanted motion from the hanger
-Using an insert bushing instead of a bushing seat means less restricted turn and much more effective use of the bushings
-All Rogue trucks use tall bushings allowing for increased turn depth, smoother response, and extra stability.
-Cast trucks are fully compatible with all Billet components.


on 2016-08-12
I feel so bad for Zak Maytum. I don't know what his marketing guy was thinking when they decided to price these at only 60$. I no joke would pay around 250 for these. You know that a truck is going to perform well if the construction is identical to its precision counterparts, not to mention that these are going to hold up for you just as long as about any other precision truck. I got mine literally 4 days ago, and I can't say enough, and that is with those crappy stock bushings in there. Before these trucks I was riding Caliber 2s. I was honestly a bit afraid to go above 30mph or so, but just yesterday on the Rogues, I slid through a corner at about 35-40mph and I felt FINE, not to mention I still have cranked down stock bushings in. The insert bushing makes it feel incredible. When you are trying to tuck through a straight, you won't wobble out. When you want to dive for the apex, go right ahead, because these are going to have a smooth predictable turn. Once again, all of my experience is on the stock bushings, so I don't even know what is going to happen when I put on my venoms that are coming in the mail. I certainly had some concerns about these trucks, but I am here to wash those away and make you buy these trucks. The 48° baseplate scared me a bit. Don't worry about it. The insert will keep you locked in at those high speeds but you will benefit from the surfy feel when freeriding. Same goes for the tall bushings. I feel that talls are great for these because it has a fine line between staying in tuck and turning, just like what the insert helps with. Those are pretty much the only two concerns that came in mind for me, FYI the insert does just as advertised and more. It removes all slop, and makes you more stable, yet at the same time allowing more turn. I don't know how they did it, but Zak pulled it off. I wish I could give it more than five stars. The main reason people want to give up extra turn is for stability, but there is no need for that on these trucks. You can really customize these with venoms tall bushings, insert bushings, and pivots. Don't take it the wrong way when I talk about how they turn while being stable, becase some don't like to much turn even with stability. No worries. Put in some hard bushings. Buy these trucks NOW and see how they will change skating for you the way they did for me. I am also not the only one that thinks this way. What other trucks are you going to find that in the reviews someone wrote a chapter book?? BUY NOW
Normal 20141226 002340
on 2016-06-02 Verified Purchase
CHAPTER 1: CAST OR PRECISION BY: TWANKEDNDANKED Wow. Don't waste spend money on precision trucks. "Precision trucks" are actually just s scheme by big skate corporations. They believe they don't make money off the trucks it self. Truck metal use to come by very easily. But ever since the 2007 truck and credit clause, issued by skate congress, truck metal was no longer available through slavery. This was total mayhem for the industry. They simply were not making enough money. Then one day a man, Morgan Kelly, decided that no more humble companies should fail. He constructed a ploy so brilliant but rather foolish. But foolish enough that a skater can fall for. The plan was called operation: precision. CHAPTER 2: FOOLISH, BRAVE NEW WORLD Thus a new Era was sprouted. The precision Era. All over skaters bought such merchandise from companies. This caused an up storm for other companies, like gullwing or bears. The companies found scientific proof that precisions were no better than cast. Similar to when whole foods started putting esparagas in their water claiming to be healthier. Doctors found no corolation to esparagas, water, and healthiness. It turned out that whole foods did it just for the money. Users could of sworn that it made them healthier. Further scientific data proved that this was a simple placebo affect. This case is exactly similar to the precision truck scam. Precision truck companies tried to fight the cast truck company. This led to further revolt. The Revolts led to some thing dradstic. CHAPTER 3: HOW ONE SKATER BECAME TWO As the cast companies kept on fighting the precision companies, the cast started losing. Sales were st an all time low. Placebos were making people win races, giving rider a sense of stability when riding precision. Then one day cast trucks a had an idea. To create an hyper relative dimension plasma gun to make the concept of cast and precision go to another reality. With the new weapon, victory was definite. Upon further investigation of the user manual, the cast company realized that every type of reality from one universe had to be shot at once to further it to another universe. This was no simple task. They had to round ever precision member of reality in one area. To do this they called an all out company warfare. The cast looked horrid next to the precision army. The precision army had Liam Kelly I'm the front riding a tank/beaver/peanguin/pupper mix. The cast army shot at the impending precision army. However they set the area blast to Xtreemeee. This caused a most extreme reality rupture. The blast caused the concept of precision trucks to travel through every existence. The blast hit Liam Kelly the most. This caused Liam Kelly to split in to two people. CHAPTER 4: HOW WE NOW IT. The two people that were created were James Kelly and Liam morgan. Liam morgan was what people called the 666 hail satanic evil split. And James Kelly was what people called the I can't believe it's not butter good split. Liam morgan immediately ran to the the plasma gun to make the reality of precision wiped out of existence. James Kelly ran to stop him. In their struggle the ray was shot shooting themselves and the reality of precision and cast. This caused the reality of James Kelly, liam morgam, precision, and cast realities to enter every reality. Thus the reality as we know it is this. And the truth must be revealed. precisions are ight. THE END?
Best Trucks I've Ridden
on 2016-06-02 Verified Purchase
This is the best deal out there for a cast truck. The venom bushing upgrade is awesome, and makes the truck responsive and stable. I'd buy it again. Loving it so far. Crank down the nut a couple turns (I weigh 165) and you're very stable at 40+ mph, turn it back a few turns and you have really great freeride trucks that have a lot of lean and very smooth turning. Awesome.
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Rogue cast
on 2016-05-05 Verified Purchase
Best trucks Ive ridden out of all the trucks Ive tried, both cast and precision. Super fluid lean, turn and dive into tight corners. Lightweight and a high yet low angle at 48. I was surprised by how low the truck was for such a high angle. Just great all around trucks for freeriding and dh. Even carving around and cruising. Quiver killer trucks. Wont be riding anything else for as long as I ride. Might be reviewing them in the future on social media.
Best Cast Trucks On The Planet!!!
on 2016-03-05
Rogue designer, and top pro Zak Maytum really knew what he was doing when he created the cast Rogue trucks. At 48 degrees these trucks are perfect for any style of riding. Great for freeriding and super stable when raging down the fastest hills. The "Limited Offering" come stock with Venom 90a DH Tall Barrels. They are AMAZINGLY SMOOTH and predictable. AMAZING LEAN and perfect return to center. The unique insert bushing instead of a bushing seat really sets these trucks apart from any other trucks on the market, giving you a very smooth and predictable performance by eliminating any slop in the truck and allowing the bushings to do their job in a way that gives the trucks better stability and smoother turning and control. The cast Rogues are strong and surprisingly light and really blur the line between cast and precision trucks! I was really trying to think of some "cons" to put in this review, but in all honesty I can't think of any. These trucks are a game changer...get used to hearing the name ROGUE!
on 2016-02-24 Verified Purchase
Heavy duty trucks which offer stability while the taller bushings allow for nice turns n lean. Should last a long, long time.
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on 2016-01-28 Verified Purchase
The 48 degree baseplate is a perfect angle for free ride and downhill tons of lean lots of stability with the right bushings. I recommend buying a new insert and pivots although you can get by just fine with stock components.
on 2016-01-25
Excellent!!! The best cast trucks for sure! AAA+++++ :-)
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best trucks Ive ever ridden
on 2016-01-08 Verified Purchase
I have tried paris, caliber, gullwing, and bomb trucks, these (with the venom barrels) are the smoothest trucks ever! they are very stable at high speeds and feel great while sliding! get em
they dope
on 2016-01-02 Verified Purchase
Very nice trucks, probably the nicest cast truck you can get. Tons of lean, very little slop, great looks and solid construction. Make sure to crank the nut down a bit as flush is way too loose. The stock inserts and pivots could use upgrading, but compared to any other stock truck they are just fine.