0.06" Array "Sticky" Shocked Pads Kit

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$11.10 USD
1 Quantity = 2 Risers, enough for a complete longboard.


Array's "Sticky" Shocked Pad Kit is perfect for those of us who hate dealing with extra loose parts...

These shock pads are 0.06" thick and have a "sticky" adhesive backing so you can apply them directly to your baseplate or board for added protection and vibration reduction. Or use the risers without peeling off the backing and they're just standard risers.

This kit comes with both top mount and drop-thru risers, punched-out oval pieces that can be used as hand grips for early grabs and grabbing rail, and a sweet Array sticker for your board!

Something we really like about this kit, is the versatility you get when using with a drop-thru board. You can use the drop-thru strips (sticky or not) as the risers between the baseplate and deck, while the top mount risers can be stuck to the top of the baseplate for added shoe grip when performing manuals or shovits (much less abrasive than griptape).

Simple and practical. Pick up a kit today, you'll be stoked!

Array's Description

We hope this product gives you great performance! These drop-thru pads may be applied to the board, the truck, or split style base plates. The board surface would be preferred in order to protect the surface from water penetration, scratching, or indenting.

Clean the application area with simple green, dry with a a paper towel. Let surface dry thoroughly. These pads will not stick to a dirty or wet surface.

Other benefits:
Leaving the paper on these pads will allow you to use them as a thin riser, or to reduce vibration.

Avoid waste:
Those oval shaped pieces can be used for added hand grips, such as around the nose, the tail, or the rails, GET CREATIVE!!

Enjoy your Array Shocked Pads!


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