Hardcore Griptape 11 x 11 Three pack

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  • Sheets: 3
  • Size(s): 11" X 11"
  • Grit: 32 Course
$16.95 USD

Introducing the new Hardcore 32 grit course griptape designed for by downhill longboard skaters looking for gnarly grip under their feet. Hardcore Downhill Griptape is available in three 11" x 11" sheets. Configure the top of your deck the way you like! We like to use only two sheets combine with a lighter coarse grip! We apply the Hardcore grip where we want our feet to grip and rip! You can use the third sheet when you need to replace one!

Give it a try & Go Shred!

Hardcore's Description

Hardcore griptape is perfect for 80's skaters who want the "Pizza Tape" look and function, those who shred super gnarly bowls and need more grip for the pool coping, or for downhill and freeride skaters who want the ultimate in traction while skating downhill on sticky wheels.

High traction - This is a 32 grit coarse griptape, and will keep your feet locked on the deck while doing pretty much anything gnarly. It is not just for Downhill, and can definitely create a look like older coarser tapes used to have.


Hardcore Griptape is soft and supple and easily moulds to complex concaves.


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