Bam Bam Sparking Slide Pucks

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It's common sense that flames make everything go faster. Wether its a rocket ship, dynamite, or your weird Uncle's '93 Ford Mustang. Now is your chance to get your hands on some of that heat, with some Bam Bam Sparking Slide Pucks!

Bam Bam Slide Pucks might not shoot flames but they will still light up your day. These pucks are made out of top-quality urethane that's been fitted with 5 flint sticks in each puck.

Bam Bam Pucks's Description

BAMBAM PUCKS are slidepucks for downhill skateboarding. The 5 integrated flints ensure a spectacular spark output while you torch the ground during you slide and delight any audience. You will feel even more like a rocket.

They are not just slide pucks! Apart from the visual beauty of our product, it impresses with its abrasion resistance, lubricity and durability. Our pucks last much longer than conventional UMHW slide pucks.

In cooperation with a local Swiss plastic company, we spent many months testing different formulas until we decided on this very high quality and outstanding plastic. Our pucks surpass anything previously seen on the market.

2 Slidepucks, 5 flints each puck
Puck size: 80x16mm
Flint size: 10x13mm
Long durability
Enormous spark output
Hi-tech plastic formula


Bam bam bam bam
on 2020-01-13 Verified Purchase
I really like these pucks They slide very smooth Only issue with them is they are a bit heavy but after a couple seshes I got used to the weight But at the end of the day I would definitely recommend them 4.5 stars
Normal snapshot 20190210 5
this is why cali has all those forest fires
on 2019-03-03
if i was stranded outside and facing hypothermia i could probably start a fire in seconds with these they're sparky as hell my fav thing to do with them is walk past some old guy in a parking lot just like run and jump down on my hands and confuse the hell out of him cuz my hands are literally on fire only problem i have with them is that i wish the edges were curved a bit, sometimes i hit a crack in the road and the edge of the puck gets caught and then the road jerks my hand or the puck just pops off my glove usually get to have about 25-30 1-2 hour sessions before they wear down and i needa replace them
Mmmmmm yes
on 2018-08-16 Verified Purchase
The faster you go the better they are but still cop no matter what
Very solid pucks!
on 2018-07-18
Hi! It's better once to see than 100x times to hear: