MuirSkate Beasto Speed Rings

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Speed Rings are an often overlooked part of your skateboard, but not having them could be greatly jeopardizing your performance!

Speed rings go on the outside of your bearings to give more clearance, allowing an uninhibited continuous roll.

Speed Rings can even be stacked to widen you hanger width by a few millimeters so long as there is space to still screw on the axle nuts.

Nowadays, Built-In bearings are becoming ever-so-popular. Most of these bearings do not need speed rings, as they have an extended inner race that acts as both the speed ring and bearing spacer.

Whether you need them or not, they're still a nice thing to always have on hand. You never know when you might need some.

One pack is enough for 4 wheels (2 per wheel)


Speed rings
on 2022-02-10 Verified Purchase
Great product great company!
Not cheap rings!
on 2021-12-19 Verified Purchase
They're a little thicker than the rings that came with my Indy/Polar trucks, and have a nice fit.
Good Quality
on 2021-08-03 Verified Purchase
These rings are well constructed and fit snugly in place.
Just What You Need!
on 2021-04-17 Verified Purchase
Ordered. Received. Satisfied! Good quality and just what you need, no need to doubt or question!
on 2021-03-13 Verified Purchase
It cheap so just get them. Its a good idea to have them.
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If you like it than you should put a ring on it.
on 2020-07-09 Verified Purchase
Their rings. For speed. But they actually work being stationary. Slapped em on both sides of my wheels, tightened the nuts, wheels roll great! Nothing impeding the bearings anymore. Annnnnnd I tend to loose them when i take my wheels off so great to have extra on hand!
on 2016-06-04 Verified Purchase
Keep several of these on hand to keep my bearing rollin fast.
Exactly what I needed
on 2016-05-12 Verified Purchase
These greatly helped out my cheap board. I put some Bones Reds on there with these and they did the trick!
on 2016-05-09 Verified Purchase
They get the job done. Inexpensive. Happy.
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Simple, yet practical
on 2016-03-03 Verified Purchase
I tried riding without speed rings and there isn't much of a difference in style. Just to be safe, get a set to keep your bearings snug on the axle.