MuirSkate Beasto Panhead Hardware Nuts and Bolts Pack

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So you found your dream deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. Now you need to put it all together. That's where Muirskate Beasto Hardware comes in!

We created an easy to use nuts and bolts diagram for our users.

We suggest that you replace old and rusted hardware for safety purposes. It should also be noted that stripped hardware becomes difficult to remove over time, therefore, we suggest replacing it before it worsens.

We have revamped our hardware images to help you find the appropriate size nuts and bolts to fit your skateboard. The diagrams that we created for you are suggestions to steer you in the right direction.

Note: Panhead nuts and bolts are for top- mount and drop-through decks.

Note: One pack is enough for a complete skateboard (8 nuts and bolts). Multiple hardware sizes available.


on 2019-06-15 Verified Purchase
Beasto hardware works great! Thanks Muirskate!
Who cares what she thought
on 2018-09-10 Verified Purchase
My ex girlfriend told me that 2 inches wasnt enough, but when I pinned two trucks to her board she politely reconsidered. Until she realised I was riding without shock absorption! (For the rest of this story, check out the .25" soft riser pads review)
on 2016-06-13 Verified Purchase
They are bolts... They do their function.
on 2016-06-05 Verified Purchase
Nothing more than solid hardware
Keeps my Sh*t together
on 2016-05-03 Verified Purchase
What more is there to say?
on 2016-03-17 Verified Purchase
if your board is reaalllllyyyyy thick you should get theses ( 10+ plys)