RipTide PSD 'IN-Side' Footstop

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Having trouble finding the right position on your skateboard? Or are you tired of your feet slipping while sliding or cornering? Your problems have been solved, Riptide IN-Side foot stops are here.

Coming in a variety of colors for your pleasure these little guys will help you correct your riding posture and give you more leverage on your front foot. Adjustable to your liking and grippy on any shoe. They are a must have if your starting to progress in downhill skating.

Why would I choose to use a FootStop?

- Gives you exactly the same starting/balance point each time you skate which leads to much more consistent riding.
- Gives you a lot more grip on the board.
- Point of reference for when you are tucking, so you look at your feet left.
- Something to lock your front foot on to when performing big laid out one-hand slides, letting you push the front of the board out easier.

RipTide's Description


 Lightweight 1.1 oz / 32 gm

 Length: 1.56"/ 39.6 mm

 Width:  3.44"/ 87.4 mm

 Height:  .93"/ 23.6 mm

 Slot Length:  .75" / 19.1 mm

PSD 65d Urethane Concave FootStop

Designed by Pritchard Skate Designs in the UK and manufactured by RipTide Sports in the U.S., the IN-Side Concave Footstop is made of a resilient 65d Urethane.

Not only does the Urethane make the FootStop extra durable, it allows it to mold to the shape of your deck via use of the standard truck mounting holes. Complete with washer(s).

65d Urethane w/stainless steel washer(s).


Cumphy foot stop
on 2021-04-24 Verified Purchase
This foot stop is super comfortable and huge
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on 2020-10-13 Verified Purchase
Super tough, and durable.
Its alright
on 2017-09-01 Verified Purchase
its alright but after a while if you over tighten it whenever you move the footstop slightly it'll screw up the grip under it.
Normal 20160410 181543
on 2016-09-15 Verified Purchase
awesome foot stop! :D this is my first time using a foot stop and i was not disappointed :) the grip tape on my board isn't the best so whenever i do those toesides, pendys, or colemans, my front foot tends to slide right off the board. this foot stop fixed the problem! now i can do all my slides with confidence! :) woop woop! -lothiee
on 2015-08-28 Verified Purchase
Works great