MuirSkate Beasto Barrel Cone Washers Package

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Are your washers all bent out of shape? Maybe it is time to replace them with the Barrel Cone Washer package. It includes TWO (2) Large and TWO (2) Small Aluminum Grade Cup Washers enough for two trucks.

The washers will keep bushings tight up against the wall of the washer restricting bushing from deformation thus improving stability, as well as preventing wheelbite.

Mostly Used with Standard and Reverse Kingpin longboard skateboard trucks like Calibers, Paris V2, Bear 852 Grizzly's, and Independent Trucks.

Small Cup Dimensions: Outer Diameter 23.8 - 18.8mm (Beveled) Inner Diameter - 9.8mm Thickness - 1.4mm

Large Cup Dimensions: Outer Diameter - 29.4mm Inner Diameter - 9.8mm Thickness - 2mm

How to morph the feel of your trucks with washers:

To eliminate wheel-bite while running double barrel bushings, try adding a large cup washer to the top bushing (road-side). This will further cup around the bushing, restricting the amount it can compress and therefore decreasing the turning radius of your truck, and possibly eliminate wheel-bite.

To gain more turn from your trucks while running double barrel bushings, try putting a SMALL cup washer on the top bushing (road-side) and turn it upside down, with the cup part facing outwards. This will allow the top bushing to 'fold' around the cup washer, increasing the range it can compress and also makes your trucks feel more lively and turn more.


Good Quality
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The washers are thick and seem very durable and well made.