Arbor Axel Serrat Crosscut Pro 39 Longboard Skateboard Pre-Assembled Complete

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  • Length (in): 39
  • Width (in): 9.25
  • Wheelbase (in): 19.00 - 20.50"
  • Flex Level: Stiff
  • Plys: 7 Plys
  • Construction: Canadian Hardrock Maple
  • Griptape: Black applied by Arbor
  • Bearings: ABEC 5 Bearings with Spacers
  • Wheels: 58mm 80a Arbor Sucrose Initiative
  • Trucks: Paris Reverse 50° 180mm
  • Risers: 1/8" Hard Risers
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Concave Depth: Medium
$214.00 USD

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The Arbor Axel Serrat Pro 39 Longboard Skateboard was designed to shred your local streets, alleys, skatepark, cruise around town or practice tech-sliding. It offers a medium concave and mild wheel flares to lock your feet into place. It was also designed with a fully functional kick-tail to pop it off the ground and a nose to practice those nose manuals or get creative at the park.


Arbor's Description

L: 39.00" | W: 9.25" | WB: 19.00 - 20.50"

Axel Serrat's signature shape with a mellow concave and multiple wheelbase options make this a versatile hybrid for flatground, downhill, and tricks at speed.

7 Ply Canadian Hardrock Maple
Wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply
Wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other products

Paris Reverse 50° 180mm

58mm Sucrose Initiative Stoneground wheels 80a

Arbor ABEC 7 Bearings with Spacers
1/8" Paris Risers
Die-Cut Griptape


Best everything board ever.
on 2021-03-01 Verified Purchase
My first longboard was an Arbor Timeless pintail, and I still love it. The Axel Serrat can do anything. I've ridden it on my halfpipe, in a large skate park, and downhill. It can do everything, and is wicked fast. Feels real lose in carving, but in a good way, light and snappy. Ollie's are super easy on it, and slides come with ease. Great advanced board. Arbor fan for life, hella good boards.
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A master piece!
on 2021-02-12
This longboard it’s perfect. It’s finish and components are of high quality when compared with other completes on the market. The costumer service of this place is unbeatable and it’s commitment to customers is the best you can find today. I high recommended any product from this place.
This board has soul
on 2021-02-03
I picked this deck up a year ago from a different skate supply source and it quickly became one of my go to boards. I am 6'2'' (189cm) and around 190-200lbs (90kg) with the backpack I use when commuting. A friend has a Landyachtz Loco 35 and I really liked that thing at the parking garage, I just wanted a longer wheelbase; when I saw this Axel Serrat model it spoke to me. At 39 inches long with 20 inch wheelbase at the long setting the board does NOT feel stiff, I wish it were, but actually having a comfortable flex is nice for me making longer distance cruising, bumps, and rough roads much easier to deal with. It is also not exactly symmetric, looks like a large-sized skateboard but not quite. There's a fat end where the tail is .5" longer and the board measures 9.25" at the inner truck bolts while the other end measures 8.90". Barely over a quarter inch width and half inch length difference but you definitely notice it doing a few (pop) shuvits or switch tricks in a row ...really gives this deck character and a different feel that I appreciate. I ride fat-end-forward and love the leverage over the front trucks. It weighs about 4.4 lbs so you can really get this thing up on a ledge. For me the 180mm RKP Paris trucks were a little too wide, I stepped down to some 169mm Paris Street trucks I had and loved the width eventually getting the Savants in 169mm and!! Very maneuverable for a 39 inch deck and still very stable at mild to moderate speed 20-30 mph. To me it is very comfortable for lower speed slides. The concave is mild but does well to keep you in place. Been to the pump track with it and the wheel base is great there, even some transitions at the park but it'll be a no go for tight spots like bowls or pools. Fun set up to get techy on just not sure it will survive too much abuse. Mine came without the red layer so I used a Honda Red touchup paint tube just to fill in the wheel well portions for whatever reason. I've had it paired with 53-75mm wheels you will need risers for wheels larger than the sweet spot of 65mm. Grip that comes installed lasted a decent amount for factory stuff.