TSG Dawn Full Cut - CPSC Certified - Red Helmet

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Protect yourself in style with the TSG Dawn Full-Cut Helmet!

Inspired by the old school 1970's skate helmet, the TSG Dawn is a retro looking helmet with all the current safety features. It has ear protection, a PP Hardshell, EPS Impact foam, Air Flow Channels, and a fit kit to make sure your noggin is as safe as possible!

Bring back the good vibes of the 70's by rockin' the TSG Full-Cut.

S/M: head circum. 54-56 cm / 21.3-22.0 in
L/XL: head circum.57-59 cm / 22.4-23.2 in

TSG's Description

Inspired by the design of old-school helmets from skateboarding's halcyon days, the Dawn features a classic full-cut design. The hardshell comes in a single mould, with low cut earflaps, which suggest that distinctive retro look. Built from our tried- and- tested hardshell construction, with sturdy PP and shock-absorbing EPS foam padding, the Dawn helmet is the first of its kind meeting all required safety standards.

Hardshell helmets have a durable ABS, PP or PC hard shell and a liner of softer expanded polystyrene (EPS), which has very good penetration resistance and energy distribution properties. Hardshell helmets are very strong and quite forgiving in handling as the outer shell isn’t delicate to minor knocks.

EPS features the constitutional properties of a cell. This lightweight impact foam combines high stability with great flexibility and thus offers good penetration resistance and energy distribution properties. EPS foam liners are the industry standard for action sports.

A helmet can only protect what it covers. The more it covers without blocking vision and action the better is the protection. Our Low Fit design sits as low as possible for superior front, back and side head protection but is anatomically designed that it doesn’t restrict your action. TSG helmets with Low Fit safely cover the delicate area around your temples and most important the atlas, the highest point of your spinal column.

TSG Snug Fit turns our helmets into the most comfortable and best fitting half-shelf helmets on the market. This has to do with our custom helmet form that is not just one of those regular bulky molds but is anatomically designed all-around your head. Most helmets come with side parts that run down straight from a bulky top, ignoring your head’s curved anatomy. The sides of our Snug Fit helmets curve around the temples a little more than usual, respecting your head shape, to optimize fit, protection and aesthetic. Additionally it shows great effects on the shape, as the helmet is less voluminous as common half-shell helmets.

Our Tuned Fit System allows you to dial in your fit using different thickness comfort pads on the interior of the helmet. Your helmet comes with two sizes of comfort pads. Just pull the hook and loop-backed pads out and swap them for the thickness you need.

The shape of our vents allows just the right amount of air to pass trough your helmet for a great climate and an improved air exchange process.

Air Flow combines active vents with eight air channels in the helmet’s foam liner that pull cool, fresh air over and around your head while forcing stale air out. This ultimate cooling-system allows great airflow and breathability.

Inspired by the very first TSG skate helmet model we bring back that 70ies vibe with a classic full-cut design. The Hardshell Ear Coverage doesn’t only add retro flair but brings full coverage protection for worry-free riding.

Our high quality pre-molded and heat-sealed interior fit pads are sealed, abrasion-resistant and can be mashine washed (delicate or hand wash program).

S/M: head circum. 54-56 cm / 21.3-22.0 in
L/XL: head circum.57-59 cm / 22.4-23.2 in


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Funky style, fantastic fit
on 2020-06-17 Verified Purchase
I bought the L/XL using the sizing chart and was able to get a perfect fit using the various inner pads the helmet comes with. I have been skating with it for half a year and I am blown away by the comfort. It takes a while to get used to the feeling flexing the ear-covers outward to get the helmet on, but it eventually becomes second-nature. My ears don't even touch the helmet while it's on. I dig the funky style (mine is bright red), but it definitely sticks out in a crowd. People generally aren't used to seeing full-cut helmets. Even my family and I like to joke about the appearance. If you're self-conscious about your looks, this isn't the helmet for you. If you like to skate with earbuds, this isn't the helmet for you. The extra covering will only be useful in really niche circumstances, so don't think this helmet is going to be any better than a half-shell in most crashes. Overall, I think this is a really dope and comfortable helmet that will be looked upon with approval in any longboarding group.