Muirskate X Earthwing - Muirderer - Fallen One 37 Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 36.75
  • Width (in): 10.0
  • Varying Wheelbase: 20.5-24
  • Concave Style: Radial, W, 3D
  • Concave Depth: Deep
  • Plys: 7
  • Construction: Maple
  • Griptape: Standard Black; Applied at MuirSkate
  • Flex Level: Stiff
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$89.95 USD

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Make it a Complete Skateboard

With the help of Earthwing Skateboards, we at Muir Skate have found the Muirderer! The interrogation begin now.

The Muirderer longboard skateboard has a unique "W" style backbone that runs between the mounting holes (20.5"-24"), but doesn't hump up from the concave. In other words, the "W" is integrated within, as opposed to above the concave. Wow! This deck is prime example of Earthwing's ingenuity and is the perfect weapon to take your skating to entirely new level of performance!

We recommend setting up the Earthwing Muirderer longboard skateboard deck with 50° Caliber Trucks and 64mm Earthwing Mini Floaters Orange-Core Wheels for some all-around fun!

***Deck has some minor scratches***

Earthwing's Description

The Muirderer is blended well, both literally, and functionally. There is a total of 3/8” rocker between the bolts, with a 1/8” "W" in the center. The blend between the two, basically give you that rocker where your stance is, and where you need it, and the W sort of just levels out the center to being linear so it doesn’t feel like a big hump underfoot. The fenders are blended into the concave over a distance so it’s not an abrupt annoying change. Between the fenders and deep wheel wells, you can fit a 65mm wheel on Indy’s with little to no riser depending on bushings, weight etc...the deck itself as a whole has a blend of everything Earthwing has been about, and that has been about everything. It just about the most versatile deck I can imagine. If you don’t know what terrain you will end up at, this deck is a good bet to get the most out of everything, everywhere, anytime, all the time. Thank you so much for your support, it means more than you think. If " The Muirderer, The Fallen" graphic is not suitable to your taste, see our Earthwing X Muirskate "The Amazon"! It's the same shape, with a different design by Eddie Kihm! Both are available exclusively at


Perfect electric skateboard deck!
on 2019-12-09 Verified Purchase
I bought this deck to do a swap on my electric skateboard and man I have to say it was the perfect choice. The kicktail is perfect, the concave is perfect, the length was perfect. Everything was perfect in every way. Can’t recommend this board enough!
Perfect for so many things!
on 2019-12-02
This is an extremely versatile deck. I've slapped bear grizzlies and 85 mm speed vents on here with no wheel bite. Right now I threw some TKP's and 74 mm wheels on it for the hell of it. It'll take anything you throw at it. Multiple wheelbase options for whatever type of riding you're into. I had it as my rain board for a while so the graphic started flaking off but that's to be expected. For the price you can't go wrong!
Normal cute
Good Quiver Killer
on 2018-01-11
This board is the shit! Whether you want a small wheelbase, and tkp's for the street, or you want a bigger wheelbase for freeride and downhill, this is the board that can do it all. I switched from a Drop through to this Top mount, and top mounts are where it's at. Plus, the added kicktail adds a nice lil quirk to downhill if you wanna endanger yourself and go on two back wheels. The largest wheelbase if 24", and it definitely is good for freeride. Downhill is great too. If you're on a budget for a board, then get this one. Earthwing is a great brand. Get this deck. (and don't forget about the skatan graphic)
Great board
on 2017-11-06
I bought this deck when it first came out and have shredded extremely hard on it. It’s been smashed against curbs and held up great from all around tourture my dad sawed it in half and I simply drilled holes in it and stuck a 2x4 on the bottom I still get it sideways like it’s nothing I recommend this to every one I will buy another one simply for the 2x4s sake. Great buy love love love this deck
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Well Designed
on 2017-10-27 Verified Purchase
I ride this with paris 50* and Free Wheel 65mm Quincys, or Remember Pee Wees and the board is sweet! Concave, W, Wheel Flares, Full Kicktail, Wheelbase options, plenty stiff, this deck is great. I street slash, ride at the YMCA skatepark and do baby switches on my neighborhood hills on the Muirderer 37" - super stoked on the deck... ride it daily.
Everything just feels great
on 2016-09-20
From freeride slides to straight bombing hills, this board feels great under your feet. Nice deep concave to lock you in, and an awesome kick tail to mess around and have some fun. All around great board. Especially for the proce
Great board!
on 2016-08-23 Verified Purchase
This is a fantastic board. The concave is nice. The kicktail is great for learning blunt sides or popping over a curb. Would get if you're a smaller rider though, or if you have a smaller stance. I'm 6' 145lb with size 12 feet, and i ride a VERY small stance, but it's great for learning 360s and 270s.
Quiver Killer
on 2016-01-23 Verified Purchase
I have really been impressed with the versatility as well as the durability of this beast. From bombing down hills and garages, busting slides, cruising around town, to bringing in the wheelbase and throwing indy 169's on it for some transition work, this thing hasn't disappointed me yet. It's a pretty big deck for what it is. But that gives you a stable platform and options as far as what kind of stance and wheelbase you want to rock. It can shred just about everything and is a very very tough deck. I've sent it speeding into curbs and flying out of bowls multiple times. besides a little razor tail (which took a long time to develop) this thing isn't showing any signs of giving up anytime soon. The concave locks you in and is nice and cozy yet non restrictive. The wheel wells give you monster clearance, I run 70mm flashbacks on 50 cals with no riser most of the time and never gotten bite (be sure to add risers with big wheels on normal trucks though!) I love this deck and really can't think of any negatives to add.
shred stick
on 2015-08-16 Verified Purchase
This was my first topmount and it's definitely a great board to perfect your tricks on. The concave is simple but still locks your feets in with that slight W concave. The wheel wells allow you to ride pretty much any wheel you want and also help locking you in. The size and shape of this board is perfect for freeride and great to learn new slides on, plus, it's totally affordable! Simple and awesome topmount overall.