Bear Built-In Space Balls Bearings

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  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Spacers: Built-In
  • Construction: Steel
  • Rating: ABEC 7
$24.95 USD
1 Quantity = 8 Bearings, enough for a complete longboard.

These bearings are out of this world! The Bear Space Ball skateboard bearings feature built in spacers and speed rings in order to keep the number of parts on your skateboard to a minimum. That's 12 fewer parts to keep track of! The bearings also feature labyrinth seals that keep the dirt out of your bearings so they last longer.

fewer parts = fewer problems
good seals = long lasting bearings

Bear's Description

Bearing fit and alignment are vital to the performance of your setup and the life of your wheels. Space Balls integrate the necessary spacers and washers directly into the bearings, keeping your wheels aligned without the complication of extra components. This perfect interface with the axle, combined with non-contact labyrinth seals that keep dirt out while minimizing drag, will enable riders to excel to ludicrous speed and beyond.

Built in spacers - Spacers are built straight into the bearing, allowing for better alignment and stability.

Non-contact labyrinth seals - Keeps the dirt away from the bearings, while minimizing drag.


on 2021-08-03 Verified Purchase
This is my first time using built-in bearings, and they were very easy to assemble without fumbling a spacer.
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Great bearings
on 2015-11-30 Verified Purchase
These bearings are kick ass, they've lasted longer than any other bearings I've rode and they only need cleaned once over the course of two months! I'm not particularly gentle on my bearings either, I can confidently pump out 90 degree slides and not have to worry about theses bearings breaking on me. I would recommend these bearings anytime, just due to the longevity of their build and how smooth they ride.