MuirSkate Beasto Bearings

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  • Spacers: Built-In!
  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Includes: Eight bearings; Enough for four wheels.
1 Quantity = 8 Bearings, enough for a complete longboard.
$14.95 MuirSkate Beasto Bearings

At last the newest version of Beasto Bearings with built-in spacers has been unleashed. Each Beasto Bearing has a newly redesigned outer steel race with an inward beveled lip locking in the red and white rubber shields. Talk about a speed! Muirskate and Beasto Bearings Team Rider "The El Beasto" has tested them at unimaginable speeds. The bearings are rated at Abec 7 making them supreme bearings for cruising and carving, fast freeriding, and DH!


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