MuirSkate Beasto Bearings

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  • Spacers: Built-In!
  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Includes: Eight bearings; Enough for four wheels.
$14.95 USD
1 Quantity = 8 Bearings, enough for a complete longboard.

At last the newest version of Beasto Bearings with built-in spacers has been unleashed. Each Beasto Bearing has a newly redesigned outer steel race with an inward beveled lip locking in the red and white rubber shields. Talk about a speed! Muirskate and Beasto Bearings Team Rider "The El Beasto" has tested them at unimaginable speeds. The bearings are rated at Abec 7 making them supreme bearings for cruising and carving, fast freeriding, and DH!


Not bad at all
on 2015-06-18 Verified Purchase
Bought a set of these with my original setup and found that the grease used from the factory oozes out relatively quickly, which ultimately caused a lot of excess noise in the bearing while rolling. All 4 wheels rolled no problem, but the noise was driving me nuts. Popped the shields out and they were actually pretty clean (didn't have more than about 15 hours of riding on them). Hit them with some carb cleaner, dried them off, and packed them with some finish line grease. Now they are super quiet and super smooth. Considering the price, you'd be hard pressed to find another bearing of this caliber. Out of the tube, roll speed is sufficient and smooth. I wouldn't hesitate to smash some hills or freeride on them.
Favorite Bearings
on 2015-06-10 Verified Purchase
Not sure what's up with the other reviewers (only two others at this time). I've been using these for six months and they've become my go to. Fast and smooth. The built-in speed rings and spacers makes it super easy and quick to swap wheels on and off. Plus, the built-in spacers seem to work better than separate spacers and speed rings as I am ALWAYS able to tighten these all the way down. I have a set of zealous too but like these more. I also have some bones ceramics and bones reds. Those are fine, but once you use these you feel like anything without the built-ins is just missing the speed rings and spacers -- like they're just incomplete. Plus, these things are relatively cheap so I can keep a bunch of sets of wheels ready to swap on and off real quick. I went out of my way to write this review because I disagreed with the other reviewers and really want muir to keep making these!
They don't roll fast
on 2015-04-07 Verified Purchase
I love to shop on Muirskate, as their attention and helpfulness. Scott is always fast on answers. I was supposed to buy ABEC11 Biltin bearings again, but they were out of stock that time when I just finished my new longboard's setup. So I took Muir site's suggestion and have put these bearings on. And I got disappointed since my first ride. The thing doesn't go fast. You have to push so hard, and it doesn't keep the speed for too long.
Seemed pretty awesome but then...
on 2015-03-24 Verified Purchase
I got these with my complete and thought they were pretty awesome. I love built in spacers, because they make life so much easier. Also the colors are pretty dope. After a week though, a few of the bearings seized up which was pretty disappointing. I wasn't even riding in wet or extremely harsh conditions. I cleaned the bearings and they're fine, but I'm worried they might have been slightly damaged.