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Gift Card Policies

General Gift Card Info

Gift cards purchased from MuirSkate (1) are an excellent idea and (2) never expire! MuirSkate Gift Cards can be redeemed either online or in-store at our warehouse location in the lovely city of San Diego, CA. They're not redeemable for cash and there are no fees associated with the purchase or redemption (or "use") of MuirSkate Gift Cards.

Using Your Gift Card

Visit to convert your Gift Card's balance into Store Credit on your MuirSkate account. When placing a new order through our checkout process, the payment page will give you the option to use any Store Credit balance from your account.
Note: you must register a MuirSkate account in order to redeem Gift Cards and use Store Credit.

Multiple Gift Cards

Multiple Gift Cards can be applied toward a single purchase. Just visit to apply the amounts from any number of Gift Cards to your MuirSkate account as Store Credit!

View Your Balance

After redeeming a MuirSkate Gift Card into Store Credit, the balance of your account can be found at


You may not cancel or return your MuirSkate Gift Card after it has been processed and sent (via email) to the purchaser. Gift Cards are non-refundable and not redeemable for cash.


Buying or selling MuirSkate Gift Cards from anyone except is strictly prohibited, to safeguard against fraud. If you see someone offering a discount sale on MuirSkate Gift Cards, it is fraud. Do not give them your money. Any gift card or store credit found to have originated from a fraudulent transaction will be canceled immediately, without refund.

The Offer Of A "Free Gift" With Purchase

MuirSkate's "free gift" offer (for orders of varying amounts) does not apply to the purchase of Gift Cards. However, once a Gift Card is redeemed for Store Credit, the amount spent will count towards the "free gift" offer.

Customer Service

If you need any assistance with your Gift Card(s), or if you have any general gift card (or product) related questions, send us an email ! Please include your order number (or cart ID number) if you have one. Send your email to: [email protected].

Gift Card FAQ

Why do Gift Cards not count towards a Free Gift?

Because you'll get a Free Gift when you redeem the Gift Card and use the store credit to buy something else.

What happens if I purchase more than 1 Gift Card?

We will contact you to verify your order. Once we approve it, you will receive a separate email for each Gift Card.

Can I use my Gift Card in person at the Warehouse?

Yes, but you still need to register an account and redeem the Gift Card for Store Credit. We can help you with this in-store, but it would be faster if you did it before coming over.