Specializing in downhill, electric cruising, and electric mountain boarding


  • AKA: ZuUUs
  • Age: 19
  • Years: 2
  • Home: ATL
  • main downhill setup: Kut-thaka Deck, Paris 50 180mm RAW/RAW, Some generic 1/8 riser idk, Venom HITP Harlots, Zealous Ceramic Bearings

Product Reviews:

this is why cali has all those forest fires
Posted on 2019-03-03
if i was stranded outside and facing hypothermia i could probably start a fire in seconds with these they're sparky as hell my fav thing to do with them is walk past some old guy in a parking lot just like run and jump down on my hands and confuse the hell out of him cuz my hands are literally on fire only problem i have with them is that i wish the edges were curved a bit, sometimes i hit a crack in the road and the edge of the puck gets caught and then the road jerks my hand or the puck just pops off my glove usually get to have about 25-30 1-2 hour sessions before they wear down and i needa replace them
Posted on 2019-03-03
a bit slow imo-never really gone past 35 mph on them but they really do sh*t thane everywhere its crazy right out of the box they're a little grippy its kinda hard to initiate a slide on them but once you burn them in a bit they're slidey af its a great wheel if you just like to slide around all over the place or if you're like me and just wanting something thats really easy to slide on so you can learn quicker