Will Cochran

Specializing in I don't always do toe-side standies, but when I do, I get concussed.


  • AKA: Slick Willy
  • Set-up #1: Comet The Morgan, 50 Cals, 81a Sugar Mamas
  • Set-up #2: Rayne G-Mack, RAD 80a Advatage, Caliber 44s
  • Set-up #3: Omen Mini Sugar, 9" Calibers, 82a Blood Orange Morgans
  • Home:: Bellville, OH
  • College:: Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Influences: : Liam Morgan and Patrick Switzer
  • Years skating:: 10 (only 2 of longboarding)

Product Reviews:

Lovely board
Posted on 2016-10-16
I had a Rayne GMack at one point but switched to something else because I felt like my feet were just a bit cramped by the steep W shape. This deck has a similar shape to the gmack being a little shorter and has that rocker with a micro drop, but the W is not nearly as steep at the edges. All in all, a lot of shape but doesn't feel excessive. Love this board.
Love em
Posted on 2016-06-18 Verified Purchase
Needed to replace the bushings on my Indy's and these do the job perfectly. Adds just that right amount of turn without feeling mushy and not feeling too stiff on my park board.
Lovely pads
Posted on 2016-06-18 Verified Purchase
Just that bit of protection for your deck graphic and a little bit of ride cushioning. Great for those who like their ride height just the way it is but want a little added suspension.
They are bolts
Posted on 2016-04-03 Verified Purchase
They do the job. What else do you need from bolts?