Will Logan

Specializing in Pendys all day


  • AKA: 'The Thrill'
  • Age: 24
  • Downhill: Original Arbiter 36: Paris 43s front 36s back, Otang Cages 86a
  • Cruising: Omen Totem: Gullwing 50s, 83mm Flywheels
  • Slashing: Never Summer Commander 41: Gullwing 50s, Sector 9 64mm Nineballs

Product Reviews:

It is wood under your feet.
Posted on 2017-07-03
I have been riding this board for almost 6 months now, breaking my speed record at 47mph. My favorite three attributes about this board would have to be the stiffness, the wheelbase options, and the shape. I have yet to ride a board that is any stiffer, the wheelbase options can take this board from a full length downhill board to a cruiser with enough tail to manual, and the shape just puts a smile on your face. On top of it all, this is one of the most tried and true classics in downhill. There is a reason Original does not have to make lots of shapes for downhill, this one just kills it. Also the graphic makes you feel tougher than Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder. HOWEVER, If you are a fan of W, you won't find any here, but I began to love W concave and put a Roger's urethane insert in the front and back and I literally broke out into song.
What A Gem
Posted on 2017-06-15
When it comes to downhill wheels, there are a lot of opinions out there. I am a guy who likes a wheel that feels in the pavement, thanes nicely, and has a roll speed that could shame the jets from Top Gun. These wheels deliver. I rode them beside Abec 11 Central Classic 78a and loved them even more. Only critique is that the bearing seat practically required lube to get the bearings in, which from the optimistic skater point of view means that the wheels are crazy quiet on the road.
General Critique of Sector 9 Pintails
Posted on 2017-05-11
I am putting this review on the cheapest pintail because I know you used the sort by lowest price tool. This is a warning to all riders above 150lbs: I have watched Sector 9 pintails crack when big riders start having fun. At any weight, be careful riding off curbs or any activity that will put unnecessary stress on the deck. As far as I can tell, they design the pintails to flex a lot (as they should) without factoring in different flex levels for weight. All I am saying is be careful that the board you are getting can handle what you are planning to do to it. Don't get a pintail and ride it off a curb on the way to school like some chump named Will did and snap your new Sector 9 pintail in half.
Rode Them Once, Fell In Love
Posted on 2017-05-11
Almost had to steal these from my friend because they carried a calm eminence like a cat does when its sitting on the top of the chair above you head. The cat seems to say in a cool whisper "hey, you should take me to your favorite downhill spot and grind me into the pavement until we're good friends"
Slide Well, Wear Quickly
Posted on 2017-05-11
For a rider of my size (6'1" 170lbs), I knew that these wear relatively quickly, but oh man. Borrowed these from a friend for a day, and after 2 pendys just to feel them out, I immediately gave the wheels back.They do everything they promise to do, just know that what you are getting into is a hail storm of thane dust so thick it gets into the velcro of your slide gloves after 2 slides and you can't get it out.
Super Durable Board
Posted on 2017-05-11
While I have not had a chance to ride MFGs urethane rails, the fiberglass on the bottom of this board holds up to curbs, smacks, and even the occasional grind my skater friends try. I have an older longer version, and even that is light enough for a little ollie, and this shorter version will only enhance the stoke. The concave is not as deep as I would like in a free ride board (again older model), but the wheel flares serve their purpose as well as the 'w' concave. I would recommend this board for any free riding or thrill seeking young buck looking to steeze the ladies and bring home the bacon.
Beautiful Design and Very Durable
Posted on 2017-05-11
From bombing hills to jumping curbs, these trucks seem to have held up to everything I can throw at them. Only critique is that they do not seem as stable as their 50 degree counterpart (at least the Gullwing 50s), but it might just be my bushings. If you are looking at speeds above 20mph on a regular basis, my 50s seem to be the better option. Just a warning.
Favorite Board in the Quiver
Posted on 2017-05-11
Now to be fair I ride the old 36 with no kicktails and the raven graphic. But with it being essentially the same board, the only thing I would add to mine is kicktails, and they seem to have done that well. The shape is gorgeous, the concave is just right, the rails allow for tons of confidence when hanging over, and the wheel base options will have you poking more holes in that grip tape than you ever thought you could.
Posted on 2017-05-11
Hate to say it, but they are quieter, faster, and require less cleaning to keep that way than Bones Reds. With spacers built in you can't go wrong.
Tough To Break In, but AMAZING
Posted on 2017-05-11
These wheels thane beautifully, wear in a smooth gradual cone pattern (over a long time), and are easy to get flat spots out of. The release point is strong enough to hold you through turns up to about 20mph (170lbs 83a). In my mind they are the PERFECT learn to slide wheel because they teach you what breaking in a wheel feels like, the different stages of thane, and the release requires commitment. Great for everything they were designed for. Congrats Cloud Ride, you did it again.
Super Controlable, Tough Release
Posted on 2017-05-11
I weigh about 170lbs and I ride the 86a when I do my fastest free riding (15-30mph). They are smooth and shave speed consistently through turns, yet hold well when they need to, even up to 30mph. Once you know to trust this wheel's release, it is a beautiful thing. They are easily my most predictable wheel and I would ride them on anything. Second point, they wear better than any wheel I have ever ridden (even pattern, low wear, smooth thane). They are similar in feel to old 'These' free ride wheels. Well done Otang, keep it coming!
Might Be a Slide Wheel not a Cruiser Wheel
Posted on 2017-05-11
They have a really gross skin, given mine were the older ones with smooth skin. Once you get that skin off though, they are easily my smoothest slide wheels, even over my Cloud Ride free rides. They don't really thane, and seem to wear very evenly. The release is easy, and they are so buttery now (even at 78a) that they are less controllable than my 86a Otang Cages. They grip well enough below 15 mph, but be wary at any speed higher than that, especially if you have broken them in.
Easier To Slide Than You Think
Posted on 2017-05-11
While these wheels are my go to for bombing a hill I'm a little scared of, these wheels will shave speed at the end of that run with beautiful pendy. Now I have been cruising and bombing hills on these wheels for about a year and a half, and just started sliding them. The smooth skin comes off easy, but there is so much of it, it probably took about 25-30 pendys at about 10-15 mph to get the skin off. Once you do that they will chatter at any speed below about 25 mph, but faster than that they slide like butter and ensure an easy speed kill into a scary turn. Overall a fantastic wheel, Abec 11 Classic Thane is about the best I have ridden.