Sterling Roseberry

Specializing in Dancing, Downhill, Cruising


  • AKA: Sterls
  • Age: 22

Product Reviews:

They Get Better Over Time
Posted on 2017-10-04
These trucks ride very stiff out of the box, as the hanger is setup for negative rake, if you are running it on a downhill board(my board is a landyachtz Top Speed 36), keep it this way. The dual 89a bushings feel more like dual 92a. They are incredibly stiff, which caused me to run the trucks looser than usual. I ran them only .25 of a turn past contact. I have had these trucks over 30mph on my local hills and they feel incredibly stable. I flipped the hangers around for positive rake and threw them on my Loaded Bhangra, and they rode amazing for dancing and freestyle. They are currently back on my Top Speed and have made their permanent residence there. If I had one complaint, it would be the bushings; however, that is an easy fix. In comparison with the other trucks I have ridden( 50 calibers, 44 calibers, 50 Paris, 52 Bears, Randall III, and many more) I like these trucks the most. They are the most versatile truck I could have ridden. If you are on the fence about getting these, and you are comparing them to any of the listed above trucks, get these. They are fantastic!