Samuel Edmondson

Specializing in Downhill


  • Age: 24
  • Years Skating : 3
  • Go-To Setup: Nelson Stingray, Skoa Vapor, Free Spirits
  • Other Sports: Skimboarding, Snowboarding
  • Influences: The people around me and everything I find on YouTube

Product Reviews:

Learning Wheel
Posted on 2017-10-05 Verified Purchase
Very fast break in, like 10 minutes of rubbing off the shinny part of the skin, then 3-10 glove downs and you will be fine. I bought these without knowing toeside predrifts, after less than 30 min of seriously attempting to learn them, i got them. They are very very slippery, but they still have a good release and hook up. They have taken my crappy glove down form to the next level, and I look like i know what I'm doing now. I ride 82a crucibles other than these wheels. I recommend both highly.
Posted on 2016-12-04 Verified Purchase
They die slower than Cry Babys (80a). I weigh about 180 and have put a small session in yesterday and two hours of riding in today. They are only down to the name, so a few mm. I would call it fresh chunder, it was black but not smooth. The wheels gripped and slid weird, but on all other types of pavement i have ridden they are great. I have a nice steep hairpin 180 and today riding these wheels was the first time i could get all the way through it consistently. The slide is very nice and easy to hold out. After about 3 hours of riding I can say that they are very nice. Its like a buttery abec 11 freeride. Some sugar, but a mushy release and hook up. I got two sets last time and will be getting another 3 for the rest of the winter months. Buy them, so worth it. Of course... They POOP thane
82a are sweet
Posted on 2016-02-15 Verified Purchase
First off, these wheels do dump thane and do seem to die fast, but its not as fast as people say they do. The only reason the wheels die so fast is from the massive core that they have. when i saw them they looked like a mini zombie hawg. Big core less wheel. But after breaking the wheel in and my first session on the wheel(about 2 hours) i was almost through the rounded edge. That's like 3 mm. So the wheel does not wear down fast, its the large amazing core. But now the positives, everything else!!!! Go fast on this wheel, you will not regret it. No ice, all sugar. The kick out is grippey, but in a good way. During the slide it reminds me alot of a Cadillac Swinger 78a, not that it is icy, but it does slide far and until you bring the wheels past 45 they don't slow you down a lot. they did not flat spot and i was definitely holding them out far enough for them too. but it was still not too far. The hook up is very buttery. when i was first going fast i had a few high sides, but ones i got confident and used to them i was right on with these wheels. these are really go for a technical hill. i love them and will always be picking a set or two up when i get my wheels. Get them Love them Core them
Just Amazing
Posted on 2016-02-07 Verified Purchase
Only reason this wheel gets 4 stars is because of the life going into the wheel. They die quick, but they are sooooo worth it. When I was breaking the wheel in I hated the wheel, it was sticky and I was high siding everywhere. Well after an hour of hating my choice of buying 2 sets of these wheels I met up with these really great skaters and they pushed me to go faster and said "just trust the wheels." Well long story short I trust these wheels more than any other wheel I've riding. There is a hairpin turn that I was going around so fast the my front foot was sliding off the deck some, and I have blood orange extra course. Tomorrow I'm taking the wheels to some crappy pavement and going to test them there too. The slide starts buttery, during the slide its is a mix between butter and sugar(combine a 78a swinger and a 80a cry baby), the hook up is smooth but sometimes it can hook up faster than you think but not enough to through you off this only happens when going slow. BUT IF YOU WANT TO SEE IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR RIDING IN 1 DAY BUY THESE WHEELS, TRUST THESE WHEELS, AND KILL THESE WHEELS!!!!!!!!!! FAST FREERIDE WHEEL, PUSH YOURSELF OR YOU WILL NOT SEE THE WHEELS AT THEIR BEST.
Posted on 2016-01-20 Verified Purchase
Creamy and controllable wears kinda fast. took about 10 days of 2 hour sessions in 35 degree weather. small contact patch gives easy break away. WATCH OUT FOR FLAT SPOTS. if you see a small one forming just do some medium length 180s to fix it out.