Specializing in cruising, freeride/freestyle and downhill


  • AKA: rari
  • Age: 23
  • first board: Arbor axis gt
  • hometown: Tucson, AZ
  • boards in quiver: 4
  • go-to set up: apex 37 diamond drop, paris v2s, abec11 polka dot 81a, muirskate beasto bearings
  • years skating : 3
  • favorite skate spot: any brand new parking lot with smooth concrete or asphalt

Product Reviews:

'180mm Atlas green Longboard Skateboard Truck '
Posted on 2017-03-18
just to start off i purchased the green atlas trucks, but i could not find them on here so i am reviewing the purple ones. as for the review, these truck are superb for downhill. they have a very nice precision feel for a very affordable price. the hangers have a 3 degree rake so you can run them at 51 degree for free ride, or 45 degree for downhill. i personally run a 51 in front for better turning and 45 in back when down hilling for stability. the king pin is taperd so there is zero king pin slop, and the axel is 10mm through the hanger for a stronger and unbendable hanger itself then is milled down to 8mm to fit all standard bearing size. the pivot cup from what i am told is made of delrin plastic but i recommend replacing it with a set of atlas brand urethane pivot cups. the pivot cups also have a threding inside them for easy removal with the axel. all and all, i love these trucks there are a little on the heavy side but thats really the only grip i have with these trucks. if your considering geting a pair of these truck go do it you wont regret it.
'Venom SHR Double Barrel "Mini Sack" Longboard Skateboard Bushings with Washers'
Posted on 2017-03-17 Verified Purchase
these bushing work great in my atlas trucks they are a squeaky as all hell though but they preform flawlessly.
ROAM griptape review
Posted on 2017-03-17 Verified Purchase
this stuff is grippy man. great for down hilling and free riding keeps you perfectly locked in for slides.
abec 11 polka dot review
Posted on 2017-01-09 Verified Purchase
Just and over all great free ride wheel. Go to wheel for flat ground tricks and cruzing
muirskate beasto bearing review
Posted on 2017-01-09 Verified Purchase
I like these bearing "almost" as much as i like traditional bone reds. I love the built in spacer and speed ring aspect of the bearings make disassembly and reassembly a breeze, swapping wheels is effortless. There also cheap and free with a full set up, so you can't go wrong with them
muirskate tool review
Posted on 2016-11-16
I got one on these tools with my complete order. This has made assembly and disassembly sooo much easier than having to open my tool box find the right size wrenches. the logo rubbed off after about three uses though, but not that big a deal still does its job.
gullwing sidewinder 2 review
Posted on 2016-10-21
i've had several pairs of these trucks. they are awesome for carving and just pushing around town. the pair i have now have are beat up scratched, scuffed, and they still work like a dream. these will add more weight on your deck however. you really need a board that compatible with these unless you enjoy wheel bite, something with big wheel wells or a drop thru board. you can also remove the center piece and turn then in to tkp trucks.
arbor axis review
Posted on 2016-10-21
aww my first longboard brings back good memorys. (and bad) i bought this board quite a while back few years i think. anyway i liked it while i had it deck was super flexy like almost too much. but hey i was new to longboarding and it did what i needed it to do. this board tragically lost its life when a truck decided to turn while i was riding in the cross walk. but they got a nice heavy gullwing sidewinder thrown into their back window after they decided to speed off after seeing me get up.
sector nine dropper review
Posted on 2016-10-21
i got one of these board off a guy on facebook after my arbor was tragically run over by a big blue truck. (very sad day) but i wasn't gonna let that get me down. so i immediately went home, hopped on the old internet and found one of these bad boys. now on to the review, the board is super lightweight and very easy to learn to slide on. it can be top mount or drop thru, the deck has a good sturdy design and i've done flip trick after flip trick slide after slide and the board is in surprisingly good condition just a lil delam, nothing a little wood glue and a clamp cant fix. highly recommend for beginners and enthusiasts alike.
original apex 37 diamond review
Posted on 2016-10-16 Verified Purchase
the apex 37 diamond drop is down right joy to ride. the pk nose guards take the worry of razor tail, delam,or curbing your board away. it is a pricey one but totally worth it no other board feels or rides quite like it. the tub like concave hugs your feet like no other and just makes sliding feel effortless and that sweet sweet graphic on it, elegance at its finest. toss sum muirskate stickers on and you guys your self one badass board. shout out to the muirskate crew for the sick shred stick couldn't be happier with my purchases. keep up the excellent work #muirskateteam