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Favorite longboard trucks - Read my upgrade suggestions!
Posted on 2019-04-05
I really have become one with these trucks riding downhill, freeride, and ditches with them. I don't really trust anything else for ditches especially since they are so stable and durable. I set mine up with Venom downhill double barrel bushings (83a-88a work for my weight of 190lbs). I'd recommend taking out the stock cone bushing on top and replacing it with a barrel busing and cupped washer like the bottom bushing. Keep the bottom stock barrel bushing as it's perfect with the inset that fits into the hole of the hanger, that gives you a very nice responsive turn and feel. I've had a set of the Caliber I trucks and they still perform great too. And I've rocked a couple different sets of Calilber II trucks now for several years as well. Once a year I will replace the pivot cups with RipTide replacements 90a cups. And of course the Venom bushings and cupped washers too. Just those upgrades once or year or so will keep these things rocking to max performance for many many years maybe forever I don't know aha!
Fav Maryhill Wheels!
Posted on 2017-03-24
That sums it up, but yes definitely have had more runs on these Orange Kegels at Maryhill than any other wheel. Love them for the best grip and longest lasting grip compared to other similar wheels like the Centrax or Cannibals. I've clocked in over 20 runs on one set without noticing a bit of slip or loss of speed. All other wheels begin to do those things after 10 runs or less at Mary.