Specializing in Freestyle / Dancing


  • AKA: Berto
  • Age: 37
  • Years of Skating: More like months

Product Reviews:

Nice Board
Posted on 2020-01-30 Verified Purchase
Got this board on a whim, while I still try to find my style. I really like this board for basic freestyle. It's very light, poppy and stiff. The slight concave makes it great for freestyle tricks but if you are more into dancing it may trip you up slightly. Overall it's a great balance of everything you need for an all around board. Its something you can cruise the town and do some trickery as well as do some mild downhill action.
Not for beginner but nice
Posted on 2020-01-30 Verified Purchase
I can't say these are bad, they are just not for me. At 140 lbs, I got the soft and man are these squishy. Fit great in my paris trucks but I ran into a lot of wheel bite since I don't run risers on my board. I would say if you dont run risers, stick with nipples or use a purple as you roadside bushing if you like the knuckles. Very playful but as a beginner I am just not ready for this type of bushing yet.