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Everything a DH wheel should be
Posted on 2019-11-04
"We want GIRTH!” The downhill community demanded, “We want GRIP, we want SPEED!" "We want a wheel that can carry enough speed to kill us instantly!" Don't worry, downhill community, the Phat Boyz are here to fulfill your dark desires. Poured in sticky, creamy, MuirSkate-exclusive Phat Deanz thane, the sheer grip and inertia in these things is unreal. The urethane is soft, bouncy, and supremely sticky-icky. Once broken in a bit, they provide smooth feedback backed up with a whole lot of braking force. When sliding, some wheels scrub into the pavement. Some wheels slither over it. Some wheels glide on top of it. Once at a reasonable speed (~30mph), these wheels PEEL just barely into the pavement in a creamy, satisfying smear. Even when fresh, the transition between grip and slip is predictable and forgiving for a wheel with so much stopping power. It's not mellow, by any means. Hookup is still super snappy and precise, but the wheels go where you put them and don't fight you when you take them sideways. Phat Boyz are the real deal. They feel like a true successor to the OG Podiums and perform like a modern downhill wheel should through and through. I trust them with my life. Buy some now. Go fast. Feel good.
The Joy of Mids
Posted on 2019-08-20
These are some of the most fun wheels I own. They're disproportionately difficult to ice out on, considering how easy the kickout is. The slide is thaney enough to feel stable, but they're durable enough to hit curbs, roll over cracks, and handle the occasional 90° blast. They're marketed as street wheels, but they're really fun for schlub and scrub freeride on any board.
Hot Takes
Posted on 2019-08-20
TKPs are the most fun trucks to cruise on. SpeedVents are the greatest LDP wheels in the world right now. The Pranayama is thoughtfully sculpted to accomodate both at the same time. If the P in your LDP stands for "push," this is your board.
Mellow is the new meta
Posted on 2019-08-19 Verified Purchase
I think Prism really nailed it with the Hindsight. It's a DH-focused quiver killer with all the bells and whistles. It's really hard to find a full-featured board that doesn't get in the way of itself. Too often, the proprietary Mega-Fatty Fifth Dimensional™ concave on downhill decks will really lock you in...but only in one specific place on the board...with your feet placed one specific way. This is not the case with the Prism Hindsight. From tip to tail, the whole thing is standing platform. Wanna blast a hill? No problem. The mild flares and inset W will succ those feet into a perfect tucc. You can even stand over the bolts, if you please. Wanna get sideways in close quarters? It's got tapered rails and flat kicks that make it handle more like a 9" deck than a 10" deck. Additionally, the mild rocker on the deck runs all the way from front to back and makes the platform feel even more seamless and smooth while gently locking your feet in an ergonomic position. I'm running the downhill package (50/44 split Caliber II 184mm) and couldn't be happier. It's nimble up front, stable in back, and ready to take on any hill. Try it. I think you'll like it as much as I do.