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Consistently great
Posted on 2020-04-11 Verified Purchase
I always know what to expect from Venom bushings. They are super easy to set up. I’m 170 lbs and have 85/81 on my Zenit Marble 40 and 87’s on my downhill board. These for perfectly with Paris trucks, and they are a really tight fit with Randal RII hangars. I highly recommend taking advantage of the washer customization options, as they can really change the feel of the bushings in a positive way. My order came with 4 flat and 4 cupped washers, which may have been an accident (see image). Regardless, the extra washers allowed me to perfect 2 setups.
Purple 83a Cages
Posted on 2019-06-22 Verified Purchase
I expected the large core and freeride-oriented design to be a little more slippery, but these wheels slow you down fast! This isn’t a negative, I just wouldn’t recommend them for slower freeride. They have been great wheels to learn faster slides and speed management, particularly glove-down slides (previously, I was only comfortable with stand-up slides). They have a great release point and a consistent resistance while going sideways. I have them set up on a Bustin Royce Pro with Paris 180mm 50 deg and 1/8” risers. I only get occasional wheelbite while doing flip tricks. These wheels are the heaviest I’ve owned, with the tradeoff being that the roll speed is great. I would recommend these to people interested in moving away from slippery thane-dumpers to something that will get them down a hill faster with just as much consistency. For weight reference, I’m 180lbs/82kg.