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  • AKA: pletlibo
  • Age: 21
  • Years Skating: 5

Product Reviews:

My favorite bushings to date
Posted on 2020-07-05 Verified Purchase
These bushings are amazing. For certain applications of course. I like a loose, responsive truck. That is what these bushings accomplish. I use the orange ones and I'm about 145 pounds and for me, they're very soft. They feel amazing, even at high speeds they stay controllable and I don't wobble. These bushings allow me to keep a loose carvy setup without compromising my ability to go fast. There are some cases that this bushing would not be good for though. Beginners? Definitely not. Get something with more stability, these carve like crazy. Also, if you don't have risers or you have big wheels they might cause some wheel bite so be careful. If you're like me and like loose trucks at medium speeds (20-30mph) this is the bushing for you.
Comfy and versatile
Posted on 2019-12-26 Verified Purchase
Lots of good things about this board. Love that it has a kicktail. You can still shred high speed with it if you want though-concave works great and locks you in nicely. The rocker lets you know exactly where your feet are without you having to look down. If I had it my way it would be like 1-2 inches shorter but that’s just me. Good board for a good price, can’t go wrong.