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Posted on 2017-04-04 Verified Purchase
Built in and fast. Just get them
Very nice cruising
Posted on 2017-04-04 Verified Purchase
Anything for cruising and a little bit of dancing, honestly this board is really good and even with the 38 in theres alot of room and its very responsive.
Holy sh*t!
Posted on 2017-03-29 Verified Purchase
I swear too god when you break these wheels in theyre GODLY! Not only do they feel like hoots nor mostly for downhill when you wanna slide youll slide which ever way you! The only problem i had with these were at first they wouldnt slide too easly like hoots. But when you broke them in, youll be like a god. In shortness of this wheel, just buy them also they dont wear too much so have fun
Posted on 2017-02-14 Verified Purchase
These wheels are aight even though i luv lil hoot ive gotten these for my other set up. I havent really rode them much but i realised one thing. Higher speed = better slides Also very fast
Pretty nice
Posted on 2017-02-14 Verified Purchase
Theyre bolts come on theres really nothing too bad. They also worked. I got the 1 1/2 punishers too. Lol
Posted on 2017-01-23 Verified Purchase
I used to have butterballs. Butterballs are alright,but compared too these wheels? With these it's 110× times better too kick out and and stay in slides longer. Now i'm off too buy some more Remember wheels
Posted on 2017-01-19
These bearings are great too get i did buy these bearings from zumiez and they do roll for a long time i would recommend these bearings to anyone (also they're cheap af)