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Product Reviews:

Vicious Custom Length Grip Tape
Posted on 2021-10-12 Verified Purchase
This is the best grip tape I have used yet. There’s no way I’m losing my grip with this stuff!
Trusshead Hardware
Posted on 2021-10-12 Verified Purchase
These are reliable and good. I always go with these!
Venom 73a Tall Barrel Bushings
Posted on 2021-07-05 Verified Purchase
These bushings are perfect!
TSG Helmet
Posted on 2020-09-08 Verified Purchase
This helmet is amazing!!!
Madrid Harry Clarke Longboard Deck
Posted on 2020-08-26 Verified Purchase
This deck is amazing. I want one for myself now.
Zenit Mini Rocket
Posted on 2020-04-26 Verified Purchase
This is an outstanding board! I love the size, shape and dimensions. Such an awesome design!