Lassen Brizuela

Specializing in Briz


  • AKA: White Glint
  • Profession: Stealing your girl
  • Hair: Undercut
  • Genetic abnormalities: One pair of webbed toes on each foot
  • Neckbeard?: No.
  • Scars: Only cool ones

Product Reviews:

Posted on 2017-01-25
These wheels are massive, squishy, and grippy. They are a great alternative to Sector9 Steamrollers, and are a better color match to black, red, or white skate parts.
Posted on 2017-01-25 Verified Purchase
The deck looks exactly as it does in the pictures, but only when you hold it will you realize how perfect it truly is. This deck is so beautiful, both for its art and top that I don't want to ride it. If you enjoy symmetry and geometric patterns, there is no better deck I've seen, besides the longer green version. Since the deck is white, black, and red, it's very easy to make a complete board with a matching color scheme. I built it with both Muirskate Caliber2 Limited trucks and the Muirskate Podium wheels for color coordination. Slap on quarter-inch riders to get extremely low to the ground.
Posted on 2017-01-25 Verified Purchase
These trucks and their color counterpart are very attractive, however the hardware is a massive pain in the ass to customize. The kingpin and hanger socket are both threaded, so I had to use a hammer to remove the pin, then use a drill bit to shave the inside socket to be able to put in the 3 Khiro kingpin. Another downside is the pivot cup is very loose, easy to slide out when pulling the top off.