Kwesi De Costa

Specializing in Downhill, freeride, cruising, park, street, vert, freestyle


  • AKA:
  • Age: 29
  • Years Skating Shortboards : 13 on off
  • Years Skating Longboards: 5
  • Resides in : New York
  • Skatecation Destination : Japan or China

Product Reviews:

Excellent performance.
Posted on 2017-02-07
Grippy. Fast. Lively. Durable. What more could you want? These wheels have a high rebound low durometer formula so they roll quick and deliver excellent acceleration while providing good dampening or chunder control. The skin lasts longer than traditional cobra cores. With 76/78a I broke the skin in only 2 40mph slides. The Mach 1s have held up a bit longer. The slide is definitely smooth and slick but still with a lot of control and braking power. If you want a wheel to stop on a dime go 76/76a cobras , if you want a fast, longer lasting wheel where you don't need to slow down as fast go Mach 1.
Posted on 2016-08-28
Great wheel. Amazingly consistent from first to last slide. Creamy smooth slide that leaves thane at higher speeds. Predictable release and hookup with good control. Grippy enough to not worry about in corners yet with an ability to kick out for checks or long standups. Core is fast, light and supportive. Lips dont flex or chunk. Great wear pattern with no abnormalities. Havent seen them cone yet. At 30-35mph on hot days they wont last too long. Maybe 3 or 4 5 hour long sessions which is pretty good compared to most other wheels on the market. Despite this I would not hestitate to buy again. A1 thane , shape and core. Looking forward to more from Venom.
Great stuff
Posted on 2016-08-12 Verified Purchase
Wonderfully grippy tape that will last a long time even with abuse from debris and rain. Grit does tend to fall away in certain places especially when folded but it does its job still. Doesnt bend or fold easily and cannot stack but was no issue for me as I removed my previous grip before using a hair dryer to apply this new seismic lokton. It sticks just fine to the deck but wont work over other grip. My boards also dont have crazy concaves but rest assured if you heat it before applying and remove your old grip it'll stay stuck on. Very gritty but not dangerously so where it cuts up your skin and shoes. Actually with completely worn outsoles I still have great grip. Excellent buy. Will purchase again and maybe will try the patterned and laser cut version next!
Coolio, i need stickers for my boardholio
Posted on 2016-05-05 Verified Purchase
They stick! And look cool. Thanks Muir!
Sweet squishy inserts
Posted on 2016-05-05 Verified Purchase
I wanted 93a but accidentally ordered 90a. No big deal. The trucks have a great release point and hookup with the inserts at 90a. Definitely more freeride friendly than say 97a. All this being said I still want to try 93a as that may be best for me. Some may want a less defined release for freeriding or a harsher more defined kickout for dh. Its all up to you.
Rogue cast
Posted on 2016-05-05 Verified Purchase
Best trucks Ive ridden out of all the trucks Ive tried, both cast and precision. Super fluid lean, turn and dive into tight corners. Lightweight and a high yet low angle at 48. I was surprised by how low the truck was for such a high angle. Just great all around trucks for freeriding and dh. Even carving around and cruising. Quiver killer trucks. Wont be riding anything else for as long as I ride. Might be reviewing them in the future on social media.
Posted on 2016-02-25
Do venom pivots and gullwing reverses play nicely? .. Great pivots. Got em in my ronins. Venom 93a in my gunmetals.