Julius Oliver

Specializing in Speedboarding, Freeride, cruising for fun and quick runs


  • AKA:
  • Age: 25
  • Town: Spring Valley
  • Years of Sk8: 10+
  • Skate Level: I'm fast but I've never traveled sideways
  • First Setup: Sector 9 Alani
  • Current Setup: Clutch Killbilly Speedball
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Product Reviews:

Yes it is I, enhancer of speed. How did you know?
Posted on 2019-10-31 Verified Purchase
They're made of the good stuff and will stick to the corners with the help of a heat gun. I wish every color was available at the same time, though.
These are perfect for calibers
Posted on 2019-10-31 Verified Purchase
The combonation of the plug design along with the Venom HPF urethane gives the rider the ultimate control of the ride. I ran a 95/90 barrel combo with flat washers before this (was also 40+lbs fatter) the more weight I loss, the more the ride had a mind of it's own. After dialing it down, bushings and weight, switching to a proper set of venom plugs, I finally regained control of the ride. Also, I used a sleeved washer roadside-forward and a cup roadside-aft. That combo offers just the right amount of rebound, dive, and the most stability, as El Beasto recommended to me. Setup: Clutch Killbilly Speedball KM profile with Caliber II .44cal Tldr; feels l Iike I'm in control again. Board leans and dives nicely, more stable than ever.
Works well as they look
Posted on 2019-10-24 Verified Purchase
They look good on just about anybody I've given a set to and offer protection for the sun. I tend to be moving west alot of the time as the sun goes down, and they really cut down on the fatigue. But... every now and then some of the hinges attached aren't centered and they'll sit off centered. Can't complain tho, they come in the package as a bonus.
These are nice!
Posted on 2019-10-24 Verified Purchase
They're a grippy set of wheels . They're some of the more smoother, faster rolling large(r) cores wheels I've ridden.
My go to bearings from now on
Posted on 2019-01-23 Verified Purchase
They perform pretty well, from the ergonomics to performance. The best part is that they're pretty affordable. I'm still riding a set from a few years ago, along with the recently purchased ones and they hardly feel any different.