Joshua Henneike

Specializing in Cruising, Freeride, Downhill


  • AKA: Josh
  • Age: 19
  • Years on a board: 3
  • State: Illinois
  • Signature Set-up: 2019 Madrid Nessie, 46° 180mm Shiver Trucks, 66mm Powell Peralta Snakes

Product Reviews:

What else is there to say?
Posted on 2021-06-19 Verified Purchase
Good hardware. Stays locked in well and fits all my decks. I don’t equip riser/shock pads over 1/8” on any decks, for reference.
Excellent Carve
Posted on 2021-06-18 Verified Purchase
Paris is known for delivering trucks with amazing carve, and this was no disappointment. So far, very sturdy and reliable under the board. I find this width to be ideal for cruiser boards, specifically, and maybe freestyle.
Must have!
Posted on 2021-03-16 Verified Purchase
Simple enough: This makes you faster and makes your bearings last longer. By not skating dry bearings, Speed Cream helps reduce friction and roll smoother and faster than ever before with ease. Bones Speed Cream is extremely easy to use and a benefit for every set of bearings you have!
Give some time
Posted on 2021-03-16 Verified Purchase
These bearings definitely do have a longer break in period, but then they roll better than almost any other bearing on the market! And of course, nothing is more convenient than built in spacers and speed rings to change wheels with ease!
No better skate tool
Posted on 2021-01-20 Verified Purchase
This is perfect. Durable, compact, easy to use. Theres nothing else to say!
Excellent cruiser!
Posted on 2020-12-27
I did not purchase this directly, but rather received the complete as a gift under the tree from family. This is the fifth deck in my collection, which is mostly composed of longboards of all sorts. This complete fully lives up to its claims, excelling at short distance cruising and carving, as well as offering opportunities for tricks through the use of two functional double kicks! Overall, a great set up for low speed campus cruising, can confirm! May want to switch to smaller, less soft and grippy wheels if you’re more interested in the tricks aspect, rather than cruising.
Heavy, but not bad
Posted on 2020-12-08 Verified Purchase
I set up my Nessie with 165mm arsenal trucks and a set of fresh 65mm Cuei sliders for some smooth freeride. Although the recommended truck width is 180mm or 184mm, I found this to stick out far past the edge of the deck, so it was not my preference, although riders searching to do some more intense downhill riding may prefer the wider trucks. 165mm fits well for me, sticking out just 1/4 inch or so. The wheel flares offer better grip just between them, but are not comfortable to stand directly on. As I stated when I began, this deck is a little heavy to pop, but more experienced freeriders can definitely get something when using the shorter wheelbase options. Overall, I believe it’s a great option for riders looking for directional freeride decks with the intent of sliding and charging light hills, as opposed to tricks.
Who doesn’t like stickers?
Posted on 2020-12-08 Verified Purchase
Do I really need an explanation for some steezy stickers that come as a free gift? You can do anything with these and, personally, I love the “if you can read this, bump draft me” sticker. Stuck it right on the back of my helmet!
Lives up to the name!
Posted on 2020-12-05 Verified Purchase
These Cuei sliders truly live up to the name, allowing easy initiation of slides and fairly decent control while sliding. I ran them on my Madrid Nessie and Moonshine Spark. A bit harder to “hook up” after a slide at slightly higher speeds, which is to be expected considering how easy the initiation is. I’ll definitely grab another set when these wheels reach the end of their life!