Jordan Hurley

Specializing in LDPush, Cruise/Carve, Downhill


  • AKA: CuppaJo
  • Years Skating: 7
  • Favorite Deck: Pantheon Nexus
  • Influences: Jeff Vyain, James Kelly

Product Reviews:

Can't go wrong
Posted on 2016-03-10 Verified Purchase
So it's a skate tool. Not much to say, but it holds up, it's light, and it spins nuts off of trucks. My o my complaint is that the logo rubbed right off after one use. How am I supposed to rep Muirskate if the logo wipes off?! It's okay, I'll ride off the pain and tears.
I'm a fan
Posted on 2016-03-10 Verified Purchase
I was skeptical at first, I wasn't completely confident these things would hold up. But they do. And they look sick too. They're light and stronger than I expected. Huge recommendation.
Beyond stoked
Posted on 2016-03-10 Verified Purchase
I'm in love. These bushings are so high quality. The difference these have made in my skate life is unreal. The price might seem steep but after you do the math, it's a very fair price. They come with extra speed rings, axle nuts, pivot cups and washers too!
Favorite bearings yet
Posted on 2016-03-10 Verified Purchase
I'd recommend these bearings to anyone, any skater, any day. Not having to deal with spacers or speed rings is huge for me. They took about 5 miles to break in, about half an hour of fast cruising. They feel faster and spin longer every day. The quality is high and the price is low. Doesn't get any better!
Great cruising and sliding wheel
Posted on 2016-03-10 Verified Purchase
These wheels are great for cruising and speed checks, as well as some tricks and mild bombing. They're a little bit smaller, so I'd recommend dodging those rocks and sticks at slow speeds. I didn't dodge the aforementioned anti-skater hazards and ended up with a fractured ankle yesterday. Keep it rad though! I'd definitely buy these again.