Specializing in Freeride, downhill, cruise


  • AKA: Jo Nate
  • Age: 30
  • Boards in quiver: Loaded: Tesseract, Chubby Unicorn. Rayne: Exorcist, Fortune. Landyachtz: Cheese Grater.
  • Go to wheels: Powell Peralta Snakes
  • Favorite trucks: Aera

Product Reviews:

Love ‘em!!
Posted on 2018-01-11
These are one of my favorite pairs of slide gloves for two reasons. ONE: the elastic band that braces your wrist in a hard spill. TWO: the awesome pad on the palm for impact absorption during said hard spill. If you’re falling and hurting your palms or wrists these help.
Bomb digity!!!
Posted on 2017-11-11 Verified Purchase
You don’t have to lube these. -The end.
Fantastic gloves
Posted on 2017-11-10
I did not have a good experience when I first purchased these gloves. The reason being the pucks. Long story short the Velcro is terrible. But!! The gloves themselves are AWESOME. I love the gel pad in the palm, I have bruised my palms with other gloves, but these have overly impressed me. The rubber finger pads have shown very little wear even though I used to finger drag a lot. The knuckle protector has worked fantastically also. In complete honesty it bugs me how much I like these gloves and will not be replacing them anytime soon. The travel bag is awesome! Though I usually just toss my gloves in my helmet, and use the bag for wheels, oil, and skate tool. It does have a small pocket on the inside that fits risers, and hardware.!!
Posted on 2017-11-10 Verified Purchase
I love these wheels, they fit my riding style perfectly! I mostly do a lot of 180’s front and back side, with the occasional predrifts and hands down shutdown slides. They do “chip” on the edges a bit, when doing higher speed slides. Nothing major that would be a reason to stop skating them. They do last a long time for an awesome soft slidy wheel. I have had a few high speed slides that I thought I’d caused flat spots but every time they’ve proved me wrong and are as round as day one! I will be honest, they really caught me off guard, my first day on them, with how well they slide and I iced out on them once. I have not done it since then though. They are very squishy and give a very smooth ride.
Fantastic helmet!
Posted on 2017-09-04 Verified Purchase
I come from a background of motorcycle riding that has given me more than 10 years of experience with helmets. My only gripe is.... that I can't solidly base any gripes on this helmet. It does exactly everything you would need a full face helmet to do. I can NOT see the top of my helmet no mater how hard I try, has wide peripherals, and that is my favorite feature of this helmet. When you are attacking a hill with this helmet, all of the air flow can be felt. I was actually very surprised with it. The fitment for me is great. Because of the raised peripheral of this helmet it also eliminates a place that I have had issues with, in regards to pressure points, due to having a bit of a longer head. As always, when it comes to helmets, try one on before you buy it, wether it's in a store, or at a friends because he has one.