Joe T

Specializing in Downhill / Freeride


  • AKA: Joe Coconuts
  • Age: 24
  • Years Skating: 2
  • Hometown: Marcellus, Ny
  • Setup: Eastside Mach 3, Rogue 48mm Cast, 65mm Liam morgans, with Ronin 95a and 92a bushings, Array washers and venom insert bushing.

Product Reviews:

Great fast freeride wheels so far
Posted on 2018-10-03 Verified Purchase
Only had them for about a week only skated on them for a few sessions but they FUUUN, I weigh about 240 and opted for 83a. Great grip when needed, feels good carving at 30mph+ Slides great on good pavement but some pavement feels like it gets stuck but might've just been the road we were on. Overall great wheel for a little of everything.
The new daily
Posted on 2017-06-27 Verified Purchase
Been skating this thing for about two months and it feels so solid. Its my first real top mount coming from a drop through and I gotta say it's everything I've wanted. Nice and big for your feetsies and plenty of room for anyone near 6 feet who have a bigger stance. I weight 220 and this ting feels great. I've added a footstop and some concave under the grip and it really locks your feet in. Amazing for fast stuf, amazing for slow, very versatile deck with all the wheelbase options. Only real gripe I have is the lack of tail if you have a bigger WB, so keep that in mind.
Learning how to longboard on this deck made it easy IMO
Posted on 2016-09-28 Verified Purchase
I've been skating this board now for a couple months, changed the grip tape, added some tweaks to the trucks here and there, and all I can say is WOW it keeps getting better? This board is comfortable for pushing, bombing and sliding. Getting better at bombing hills and skating, in general, was all done thanks to this board. I've reached speeds of upwards of 40Mph and to some that may not be extraordinary but to me, I think it's insane. I learned how to slide on this deck. It's the comfortable amount of flex (Almost none) that makes it perfect for my weight, 215lbs. I run O-tang Durians(yellow)75mm, Zealous Built-ins, Paradox Heavy coarse grip, Paris v2s(50degree) and 92a venom red barrel bushings road-side, and 95a barrel bushings deck side with precision sleeved washers R-S and cupped washers B-S. All my friends love this board and always want to try it when they see it. It's a fun deck and with your personalized setup, you can do anything you'd like. 5/5