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I'm in love!
Posted on 2015-03-24 Verified Purchase
This board is mind blowing! I would say it's baffling, but that wouldn't be very Original. This board has such an extreme yet comfy concave combined with plenty of rocker. At first I had trouble finding a good spot to put my feet. But once I got comfortable, I was pulling long standies with maximum foot-lock and comfort. This board has 2 flat kicktails which allow for some stylish pop-shuvits. Overall, best board I've ever owned!
So many amazing features!
Posted on 2015-03-24 Verified Purchase
I'm blown away! These are my favorite trucks I've ever owned. If you're like me and you love to play around with bushing setups, then you'll love these trucks. The base plate is designed to fit a tall barrel board-side when you remove the washer. There's other great features too like built in speed rings, "open-yet-restrictive" bushing seat, 8 hole mounting pattern, and flip-able hangers that just make this truck everything you could ever want in a cast truck.
Seemed pretty awesome but then...
Posted on 2015-03-24 Verified Purchase
I got these with my complete and thought they were pretty awesome. I love built in spacers, because they make life so much easier. Also the colors are pretty dope. After a week though, a few of the bearings seized up which was pretty disappointing. I wasn't even riding in wet or extremely harsh conditions. I cleaned the bearings and they're fine, but I'm worried they might have been slightly damaged.