Jake boulard

Specializing in downhill


  • AKA: jibby

Product Reviews:

very good
Posted on 2017-02-19
they feel wonderful. awesome bearings would reccomend
Posted on 2017-02-16
these trucks are very good for freeride and some mellow downhill, i would recommend
Posted on 2017-02-16
if you like painting roads these wheels are for you, they dump thane like no other wheel, little pricey for the life span but worth it!!! super chalky
Posted on 2017-02-16
the hollow tech construction make this board as light as a feather and stiff af, this baord has some mellow w throughout the board and is a sick board i highly recommend one whether you like going sideways or charging downhill
Posted on 2017-02-16
these wheels are thee type of wheels you ride at teutonia,super fast wide and grippy in the 77a version, slide well enough to drift and are very smooth, buy some and you wont regret it
#1 deck
Posted on 2017-02-16
to start out this board is so amazing, it has awesome tub concave with some mellow w in the back and a awesome money pocket right before the wedge which is a 7* wedge. this is an amzing board and i highly recomend you get one!!!
best trucks ever
Posted on 2016-09-10
these are the greatest trucks ever. So much lean on these And feel great for freeride