Ian Vantroba

Specializing in Downhill, Cruising


  • AKA: Van Man
  • Hometown : Hamburg, PA
  • Current Setup: Original Baffle 37, 180mm Paris Savant, Venom ED Harlots, RUSH bearings
  • Longboarding Influences: Max Ballesteros, Zak Maytum

Product Reviews:

Very Smooth, Lubricant Collects Dirt/Grime
Posted on 2016-05-06 Verified Purchase
I've had a set of RAD Drive bearings for about a month now and they ride very smooth and have reduced much of the chatter I faced from my loose bearing spacers before, but the lubricant they came with has collected a decent amount of grime. I ride RAD Jimmy Riha Influence wheels and the bearings fit perfectly. Fairly well-priced, you won't be disappointed.
Excellent Board, Great for Beginners
Posted on 2016-04-26
I purchased a Baffle 37 in the summer of 2015, and it has been a great learning tool since. Extremely well-balanced and versatile, the Baffle is great for all kinds of riding. The rocker helps plenty with pushing, the wheelbase options and rounded concave are great for downhill and freeride, and the wheel flares/wheel wells help identify foot placement, as well as fit nearly any size and type of wheel.
Simple, yet practical
Posted on 2016-03-03 Verified Purchase
I tried riding without speed rings and there isn't much of a difference in style. Just to be safe, get a set to keep your bearings snug on the axle.
Designed for a middle-sized rider
Posted on 2015-10-15 Verified Purchase
These work perfectly as a boardside bushing for a 165lb.+ man looking for stability with a full turning ability in downhill riding. They are well balanced, although I do not recommend two on a single truck if you're looking for a freeride setup; go with a softer duro for the wheelside bushing.
Designed for the heavier rider in mind
Posted on 2015-10-15 Verified Purchase
I put a pair of these boardside on my Baffle 37 in an effort to be more stable downhill, but these are very restricting for a 165-lb man. Be prepared to lose a bit of turning radius at a cost for more stability with a decent return-to-center. Recommended for 170lbs.+