Harry Price

Specializing in Carving/sidewinder. Freeride/baby slides and switch


  • AKA: HSP-sd
  • Age: 50

Product Reviews:

Well Designed
Posted on 2017-10-27 Verified Purchase
I ride this with paris 50* and Free Wheel 65mm Quincys, or Remember Pee Wees and the board is sweet! Concave, W, Wheel Flares, Full Kicktail, Wheelbase options, plenty stiff, this deck is great. I street slash, ride at the YMCA skatepark and do baby switches on my neighborhood hills on the Muirderer 37" - super stoked on the deck... ride it daily.
Most under-rated Dancer / Freestyle LB deck
Posted on 2017-04-23
Stiffer than most dancers and suited to the larger rider, the Rayne Whip 47 (and i have the 44) are epic decks with perfect kicktails, deep wheel wells, probably more concave than most dancers, although i really like it. The whips are the most fun i have had skating in along time. Learning cross-steps, peter pans, chopping, look backs, etc... is pretty challenging at first, but comes quick after a few months or so. Will probably add the 41 to my quiver - wish Muir would stock the whips. Only downside is the ugly AF pink and purple top. Running Paris trucks with Skiff wheels/62mm, no risers.
excellent rebound
Posted on 2017-02-19
Have been playing around with bushings lately - decided on venom 90a boardside, 86a RAD roadside / both barrels for freeride and carving hard. The Venoms have excellent rebound and a lively feel boardside while the RAD urethane have a sort of linear feel / they work well together. Get some different bushings from MuirSkate and get your setup dialed.
Damn good for the price
Posted on 2017-02-19
Great inexpensive trucks for mild freeride. Setup on my Rayne Vendetta with 90a boardside and 86a roadside barrels with Riptide 100a pivot bushings and diggin' the setup for flat road hard carving and some mild downhill/freeride. Kingpin is plenty long to run double barrels with 1/8" to spare, even Venom SHR bushings. Damn good for the $!
Tight - great with surgery
Posted on 2017-02-09
Way too tight on my Paris v2 trucks- rode and terrible centering. Took a utility knife to the outside of the barrel and sliced shavings around the perimeter and fitted until dialed. Really good now. Lubed with some silicone spray. Went with the 100a being 200 lbs.