Graham Griffith

Specializing in Street, Downhill when I have the right Hill


  • AKA:
  • Age: 21
  • Double drops are the shit: (I guess top mounts are alright too)
  • DH Setup: 2016 Madrid Anvil Formica, Atlas 47 infront 30 rear, sector nine black ball ceramic bearings, Venom Mach 1 Cannibals
  • Freeride Setup: Jet Transporter, Rougue cast trucks, Rad Release 78a, Zealous bearings

Product Reviews:

Pretty good
Posted on 2016-10-23 Verified Purchase
Requires a minor modification to the strips and some boards if you want to wedge your trucks instead. These strips add a new level of stability to your setup because they lower your ride hight noticeably even if your adding a on a few degrees. Also, you save a couple bucks buying these parts in a package.
Good for the Money
Posted on 2016-10-20 Verified Purchase
Worth the price, gets the job done
For Atlas trucks only (obviously)
Posted on 2016-03-23 Verified Purchase
These are the only risers that fit the giant baseplate on Atlas trucks, and they fit perfectly.
Thumbs up
Posted on 2016-03-23 Verified Purchase
Cool wallet, just a little big in your back pocket. The second piece is removable though so it's not a big problem.
Excellent hybrid
Posted on 2016-03-23 Verified Purchase
The Loco has a snappy pop when it's new. I learned how to kick flip on this board. The wood is slightly heavier than expected, but feels solid beneath your feet; really responsive during a quick freeride session. My only complaint is that an area 2x2" on the tail split at the plies when I bailed and the tail hit the curb. It was a quick fix with waterproof wood glue but it definitely lost pop on that side of the tail. It probably would've happened to any deck in that situation though. Overall great deck for some street shredding and light freeride.
Solid Truck
Posted on 2016-02-12 Verified Purchase
These trucks are good for freeride because there's minimal lean, so they are stable and it's harder to get wheel bite. I've done a bit of street and stair skating on these and they get the job done. They stay stable when you pop (the stock bushings are perfect for street) and they are lighter that most 9 inch trucks. My only complaint is that they get scuffed easily so if you are buying a pair get one with raw hangers.
Another great venom bushing
Posted on 2016-01-14 Verified Purchase
Works well with venom barrels for freeride setups
Gets the job done
Posted on 2016-01-14 Verified Purchase
Good kingpin, the color is a little wierd. The typical raw silver would match most trucks better.
$30 bearing for only 12 bucks
Posted on 2016-01-14 Verified Purchase
It is plain and simply the best bearing for the price. Ultra smooth and silent roll. I can't wait to try their ceramics.
Top Notch
Posted on 2016-01-07
These gloves are are top notch. Knuckle and side guards prevent torn gloves, and leather and neoprene keep your hands warm in the winter. I wear these on the ride to school in the winter, even when I'm only on my cruiser. The Ergo pucks have a smooth slide once broken in, but wear down easier than most pucks. The Thick rubber fingertips are very forgiving for when your fingers drag, they grip slippery boards and are sure to last long. One quick note is that when I had a super rainy sesh, my fingers were stained grey after for about a day. Overall these glove gnarly, high quality and a great buy. By the way I forgot to mention, they look super rad due to the CARBON FIBER!
Rebound where you need it and not where you don't
Posted on 2016-01-06 Verified Purchase
The first review has a great point on getting a softer duro than you're used to with these bushings. All that extra urethane gives your bushings a harder feel at speeds under 30 mph. Despite that fact once you break 35ish they dive more, and for Venom's standard DH formula, have an unexpected amount of rebound the second you reduce pressure on your rail. This is great for hard swooping turns because they give way at a certain point of lean, so you don't have as much push back you get from the SHR formula, but the moment you pull out of the turn that extra thane rebounds the board to center.
Superior to all other bushings
Posted on 2016-01-02 Verified Purchase
High quality urethane for a excellent setup for an excellent price. It lets you experiment with uneven bushing setups with different washers too. Great overall buy!
Good Product
Posted on 2016-01-02 Verified Purchase
These give you a bit of vibration dampening and an effective wedging on your trucks. I only use on on the back because I like a minor front to back difference and one on the front would've been to much. Maybe make another with a smaller angle for a more precise setup.
Sharpest turning trucks on the market
Posted on 2015-10-27 Verified Purchase
These are the best carving trucks ever. They give you board more flex because they extend your wheel base.