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Gnarly Grip
Posted on 2020-12-07 Verified Purchase
Possibly the toughest sheet of grip I've tried so far, better grit and grip than any other grip right now. This is absolute overkill for anything that's not fast, because then you would be not properly using what the grip is meant to do. Despite how good it is, I do have some cons about the grip. Its annoying to apply, it feel like the vernal equinox and the stars have to be aligned for the grip to not create air bubbles on concave, and if you even fail in a little it will not stay applied on the deck. That will only happen if you leave it alone for a while, for example overnight. Other than that its pretty good
Posted on 2020-09-13 Verified Purchase
Slippery.Like melted ice cream. After coring these I found there honestly no other wheels as slippery is this, and as durable as well. They leave little thane, but because of how slippery these are you will find yourself spinning out more and these wheels can not handle anything high speed.
Fast, Strong, Grand.
Posted on 2020-08-24 Verified Purchase
You get what you pay for! These bearings accelerate very quickly and are able to withstand a lot of beatings, though these are 100% overkill for anything that does not require much speed. But if you NEED to go fast, there seems to not be a better option so far. These will out roll anything, but because of their high acceleration the lubricant they come with will run out in a week or less depending on the use, I find myself constantly re lubricating them every 2 weeks or even half a week if I go to anything heavily technical for dh. But its a trade off im willing to pay because of how good these damn things are, these will definitely last a while!
grossly good wheels
Posted on 2020-07-20 Verified Purchase
I use these currently! They have a very good top speed and have some weight on them, and they are very grippy and will not betray you when you need them the most! They stickkkkkkkkk to the lines even at high speeds, and yet after a few warm-up runs on these wheels, they can slide pretty well for their size. Extremely predictable predrifts when you want them too, under-steer them, over-steer them, it seems you are in complete control!
Durable,Low maintenance, fast bearings
Posted on 2020-07-20 Verified Purchase
Really good bearings for the price, no better option out there. Currently have these slipped on my freestyle setup and Is able to gather very good speed in my freeride setup. Though I wouldn't recommend these for dh, the break in period is long despite many runs and you will not roll fast :( but once you break them in, they far surpass any other bearing in the price range! (if you're patient)