Specializing in Longboard cruising around trails and streets


  • AKA: Eli
  • Started skating: September 2021
  • Setup: Bustin Shrike, paris trucks, snakes
  • Location: Missouri

Product Reviews:

Great hardware
Posted on 2021-10-11 Verified Purchase
Seems like great hardware. Works great on my drop through deck and paris trucks. This combined with the caguama wheels I bought in the same order make my board ride like a dream over cracked sidewalks and rough pavement.
I like stickers
Posted on 2021-10-11 Verified Purchase
This is a good sticker. Instantly improves anything you stick it on
Love the options
Posted on 2021-10-06 Verified Purchase
I am really new to longboarding, so I love having multiple full sets of bushings to try out to get a feel for what I like and what kind of difference they make. This seems like a really good value compared to getting multiple sets individually
Absolutely massive
Posted on 2021-10-06 Verified Purchase
I have read the specs on these and watched review videos, etc - but nothing prepared me for the presence of these wheels. They are massive, they are heavy, and they are AWESOME. Took them through some serious debris covering a bike path (sticks, leaves, acorns, walnuts, etc) and they cruised through with no problem. Obviously you still have to pay attention to where you are going and what you're running over, but these handle the unavoidable rough terrain way better than my 70mm wheels. Plus they look great.
I like stickers
Posted on 2021-09-15 Verified Purchase
I like stickers. The ones are big.
Comfortable for large-ish hands
Posted on 2021-09-15 Verified Purchase
I was a little worried ordering these because my hands measure 9", and the size L says 8.5", but I was hoping it would be close enough - they fit comfortably with a little room to spare. They are very comfortable and they seem to work! I haven't fallen hard on them but I did wear one on my hurt wrist and had a light fall the other day and didn't even feel it
Posted on 2021-09-15 Verified Purchase
I'm pretty new to longboarding so I don't know a lot, but these things seem really nice for the price. Board rolls suuuuper well with these on
Does the job
Posted on 2021-09-12 Verified Purchase
I had some cheap bearings get wet and they were not spinning well. I used the oust cleaning kit and this and they spin better than they did new!