Specializing in downhill, freeride, fast freeride


  • AKA: Potator_Skator
  • favorite hills: ponderosa and jesus
  • Go-To Setup: landyachtz switchblade, caliber 2 trucks, and these wheels or lil hoots for jams
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Product Reviews:

still amazing
Posted on 2018-10-11
oh nelly these sure do have some grip right out of the box. but once you get passed that skin you got the same satisfying slides as the other snakes, nice and slidey, real consistent. theres a reason why so many people buy these. the have also been thaneing a lot more than my other snakes, idk why, still feel the same
thaney, if your doing fast freeride
Posted on 2016-07-02 Verified Purchase
abec 11 polka dots are deffinetly some of my favorite wheels I've tried (for fast freeride) they are very controllable and they slow you down just enough to take sharp corners(stick to some bigger wheels though for DH) the only thing is is that these wheels only thane when you hitting like 35+(but it might be different for someone else sense i don't weigh a lot :P) there still great for slow little short slides if you don't mind not leaving thane though. overall just a great fast freeride wheel
great for jams!
Posted on 2016-06-16
these wheels are so slidey and nice there not really great for holding lines or doing anything technical like that because there just so slippery and uncontrollable, i would just recommend these wheels for jams and having fun down nice long hills. so overall if your planning on bombing down some long hill with a bunch of technical stuff i wouldn't recommend this wheel, just keep this one for having fun
smell great, long lasting, feel great
Posted on 2016-06-10
favorite pucks I've skated just cuz they smell good they definitely feel good and they last a long time:)
really good kneepads
Posted on 2016-06-10
these kneepads are great!! the main thing that i like about these knee pads is how much shock they absorb, my friend who also uses G-form knee pads said that he would hurt his knees a lot more when he didn't have them. but my only complaint is that they do get destroyed from scraping them on the road while freeriding so you do need to replace the whole entire knee pad once and a while before it just turns into a lump of spandex and padding. overall though i would totally recommend these for downhill but maybe just get some hard capped knee pads for freeride
fantastic board!
Posted on 2016-05-01
this is without a doubt my go to board for freeride, the lower deck and concave really lets you lock in your feet when doing standups and bombing hills, if your looking for a new freeride board this is the best board out there (in my opinion :)