David Townsend

Specializing in Downhill, Freeride, Pool, Slalom


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  • Age: 25
  • Years Skating: 9
  • From: Moneterey
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Product Reviews:

Grippy with the right amount of slippy
Posted on 2019-10-28
These wheels have a solid roll speed and are plenty soft to smooth out rough pavement. They are a little heavy off the line for me (i'm 135lbs) but once they get rolling they carry their speed really well. The slide is smooth once you figure out how these wheels want to slide. My first slide, I did not put enough weight down on the wheels the slide was a bit chattery. After one or two attempts, the slide became very consistent, a little more forgiving than a rad but a better hookup than an otang. Even after wearing through the skin, the wheels maintained their grippiness. This wheel is perfect for any big wheel cruiser deck or commuter style deck that can accommodate wide wheels. The soft durometer allows a smooth roll while the weight and size allows the wheel to carry its momentum well. This wheel is also perfect for downhill situations. A fresh set is very grippy and can handle technical roads that require slides. Once broken in however, It would not be my first choice for freeriding and stand up slides as it seems to maintain much of its stopping power (not to say it can't be done). Overall a solid downhill and cruising wheel for a very affordable price (as compared to similar wheels on the market).